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Mar 1, 2008 03:12 PM

South Beach-Pain au Chocolat

Please recommend the best place to get fresh pain au chocolat and croissants in the morning in South Beach. Thanks!

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  1. I wish I could recommend 10 bakeries but we don't have a lot of good French outposts (or bad Frnech outposts). Try Paul on Lincoln Road, Le Chic French Bakery on 10th and Washington and for a trek, La Brioche Doree at 4017 Prairie Ave,

    1. Generally the french place by walgreens near collins and lincoln is considered the best baked goods. They used to bake on site but since they expanded they bake offsite and deliver to the place there. No exceptional baked french goods here...

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        Are you thinking of La Provence at 1627 Collins? I was there last week, the Pain Au Chocolat was pretty mediocre as were the coffee drinks. The PAC had been sitting out to long and the chocolate was a hard stick in the middle of the pastry, it was 8:30 a.m. I did enjoy the fruit danish.

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          JohnBoy, would you trade your pain au chocolat for an empanada?

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            yep that's the one...frankly I have not had one in a long time here...I never thought they were great but the last one I had was better than the one you had more recently.

        2. Would Epicure's bakery have it?

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            They would - but trade up for chocolate bobka in the coffee bar out back...

            (Bobka = Jewish "Pain" au Chocolate)

            You may feel a little guilty, but you'll eat it anyway so it shouldn't go to waste.


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              Look who the cat dragged in. Welcome back.

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                We were wondering if one of the 1,500 calorie Chipotle burritos had busted your belly and sent you to the hospital.

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                  Hiya Belly buds!

                  Nah - I went out seeking the TRUTH at Ver-Doody Taco Shop and decided to quit posting for a while...

                  BTW - THIS is pure gold!

                  Truth is we hit Chapultepec for brunch yesterday and I ate til my belly button popped out like the timer in a cheap Publix Butterball turkey. The check for 2 was $12. How's THAT for Ver-Dad-dy?
                  Huevos scrambled with chorizo, jalapenos, onions... home made tortillas and futbol on the flatty!

                  Do you think we can extend the "Biscayne Corridor" to include Biscayne at Hallandale Beach Boulevard? That's another city and another county but I absolutely think it's worth it.

                  I've missed you too!


                  Chapultepec 23 NW 2nd Ave | Just west of US-1 on E Hallandale Beach Blvd and a right turn at Miami Subs ... Breakfast all day and
                  opened Saturday nights til 2AM ~ Buen provecho.