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Mar 1, 2008 02:19 PM

three KC delights

had a grand KC ladies weekend- with all good meals, two due to the board. We had nice meal at Sebastian's at the Kemper Museum- nice"inside" vs the quite echoie atrium- creative menu with slightly large servings and well trained staff. Pizzabella downtown was indeed great- creative design, good staff and a well thought out menu. The first night we went Italian with a Spanish flair restaurant in Beltown; an upstairs above-the-bar affair with a family atmosphere despite the white table cloths- begins with a "C", Carmen's?Carmella's- arg! right next to a Priceright -type store. Help me out. Met endless engaging folks and really had the perfect gals-weekend: Art, great food and lots of laughs.

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    1. Gotta be Carmen's - awesome place. Love the steak w/ saffron sauce & scallops.

        1. re: asiansensation007

          Yes- Carmen'- that was it!
          We had grand meat balls, salads- good caesar. Someone enjoyed their lasangia, another had chicken with three sauces- not too sure it was on the menu but the waiter said he would do it so that our friend would not have to choose between the ones she wanted. Lots of warm bread and a nice wine list.