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Mar 1, 2008 02:11 PM

Demeyre Cookware - Any Reviews

I've heard nothing but good things about the Demeyre line of cookware.
So I ordered some to add to the evergrowing list .....

Their business model in the US is a bit awkward though. All pieces are ordered and then sent for fulfillment. But fulfillment is from Belgium in which it ships from

So from time of's a 4-6 week lead time for delivery.

Oh fellow Chowhounders.....for those familiar with the Demeyre cookware, tell me what you love, or like about their cookware.

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  1. DeMeyere pots and pans cook evenly and reliably. The handles don't heat up. They clean up beautifully with little effort. To me, they're four star!

    1. I think they are the best stainless steel pots made, and they are by far my favorite. Yes, I agree it is not easy to buy it, and the on-line retailer I use, in spite of great customer service, is just slow. No instant gratification possible. I also have some All Clad, Sitram and Paderno as well as some older Cuisinart. I also have high end copper, so I have the luxury of comparison.

      The Atlantis line is fabulous -- most of the pans are heavy, gorgeous disk bottom pans with heavy sides. They put All Clad to shame. Clad construction is only important if you need to keep heat in the side walls -- such as deep frying, braising, other wet techniques. Most of the time, a heavy bottomed disk pan is a better choice for both electric or gas cooktops. Demeyere also makes some clad pieces, like the conical sauteuse, which is one of my go-to pans when I need a clad pan.

      I would stay away from the Sirocco line unless you have to have those modern handles. I once had a lid sent to me in error that was Sirrocco instead of an Atlantis lid, and I didn't think it was comfortable in my hands -- although it was beautiful.

      1. I have heard complaints about the "disk" style pans burning at the fringe where the wall of the pan meets the base -- even in Demeyere. I'm not sure if RGC has an older Atlantis line, but the Atlantis I have seen a lot of have very thin sides 1/32 of an inch, if I had to guess -- which is essentially sheet metal. I would disagree that they "put All-Clad to shame," but I would say that I think their skillets and sauciers and worth every penny, hands down better than all-clads. Personally, if I was going to spend $250 on a skillet, I'd go copper (which is what their 11" Atlantis skillet sells for, vs. $230 for a 10.5" 2.5mm Mauviel skillet). BUT! If you even plan on doing the induction thing, Demeyere would be the way to go; or if you just can't stand cleaning the copper. All in all, amazing cookware, I'd be careful of a the saucepans though.

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          Are you sure you are thinking about Atlantis? I have a feeling you have not really handled or used Atlantis if you are calling it sheet metal. To be fair, there is one very small sauce pan that Demeyere makes that is thinner than the other sizes, but it is so small that it may need to be in order to balance. I think it may be the 1 qt. or even smaller than that. The other saucepans are all standard spec and are all thick-walled and very heavy. Maybe this is the sauce pan you have seen? I don't own this little one. Since I read specs, I decided against the lighter weight of the pan and wasn't that interested in that size.

          To address your question, I have new pieces of Atlantis too. I bought some last year, and I just bought a new piece a few weeks ago. The sides of this saute pan are pretty substantial. I spent over $275 and received an excellent piece of cookware. This is one of the heaviest pans I own for its size, and rivals the weight of my Mauviel saute pan of a similar size. I can't believe you could call these sides "very thin" if you actually examined one.

          Why do I say it puts All Clad to shame? 1) Handles are more comfortable; 2) Handles are welded, not riveted through the pot; 3) Finish is easier to clean than the AC stainless, and it can go in the dishwasher, which some All Clad can't do, and 4) Clad is not the be-all and end-all of construction. Sometimes the thick bottomed pan or cast iron is the better choice, depending on what you are cooking. Atlantis has both clad and disk construction types, depending on the piece. With All Clad, you get only clad; 5) I like heavy cookware, and Atlantis has more weight to it that similar pieces of All Clad, and 6) When cooking on ceramic, a perfectly flat bottom that is not likely to warp is a must. I recently had to toss an All Clad pan (the anodized LTD line) when it warped and became unstable. Disk bottoms are best for this type of cooktop.

          And no, considering that I have cooked for decades on gas, electric and ceramic, I have never had a problem with burning at the fringe where the side walls meet the disk bottom. It may be because I have been lucky to have great cookware, but I have only read of it on these boards. If you regulate your heat source correctly, (which is also for safety), I don't can't imagine this being a problem. Flames should never come up the side of the pot.

          1. re: RGC1982

            First, please do not put words in my mouth -- I never said All-Clad, and therefore clad construction, is the be-all and end-all... although, technically the skillets and sauceirs of Demeyere are also clad. I also stated that I think Demeyere has certain pieces that are better than AC, my opinion. But in the end, it's a matter of preference, I was stating my opinion of Demeyere to the OP.

            Second, I am sure I am talking about the Atlantis line -- I see the Demeyere Atlantis line every day at work -- the walls are thin, compared with Mauviel and All-Clad, it's just sheet metal. I've also seen many an All-Clad and Demeyere come back with broken handles, so welds are certainly not a panacea -- they do, however, make the interior easier to clean. And, the large saute pan in Mauviel weighs more than the equivalent size in Atlantis... maybe I'll go weigh them.

            In the end it's a personal choice, the OP ask, and I gave my review of Demeyere.

            1. re: mateo21

              Mateo, I did not say YOU said clad is the be-all and end-all of construction. I was explaining how I feel. Please check your original post and re-read my response. I wrote it because you didn't understand why I said Demeyere put AC to shame, (which I agree is an example of my cookware bigotry, but I'm the cook in my kitchen, and have my own experience). I am sorry if you read that I said you said it, but that is not what I wrote. No bad feelings intended.

              Now, my turn about you putting words in my mouth: I did not say that the Atlantis is heavier than the comparable Mauviel I own, I said it rivaled it. Fair point? I think so. How about calling it even and moving on? The idea of CH is not to argue, but to exchange ideas.

              In the interest of actually learning something: Since you appear to work in a store that sells cookware, I would be very curious to compare the weights between Mauviel, AC and Demeyere Atlantis. If you are going to do it, please indulge me and do it with the lids both on and off. It would be fun to know. I don't have a scale that can weigh more than five pounds accurately, or I would do it myself.

        2. They have it (Atlantis and Sirocco) on the shelves at SLT right next to all the other cookware. I always assumed it was in stock in the store, not something that had to be ordered.

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          1. re: foodstorm

            Me too, I've looked at it in person at Sur la Table, they had it in stock. They only had the Sirocco line at my store though, which I would never buy because of those ridiculous handles.

          2. I LOVE my Demeyre 3 qt saucepan and 12 inch skillet. DOn't know which line they are, though. They heat up very nicely, are a cinch to clean, don't stick -- nothing bad to say about them. I would get more, but I have more than enough pots and pans from other lines and it's not THAT much of an urgency to switch everything over. I got mine at Zabar's in NYC -- and I spent a lot of time holding all the various pans they had and just loved the feel of the DeMeyeres. You can't get them via Zabar's on-line, though.