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Mar 1, 2008 02:07 PM

Japanese with kids in the Valley

We're in Eagle Rock. Our friends are in Bev Hills. We have toddlers. We love sushi but need not too expensive, kid friendly Japanese in the Valley with cooked options.
Any suggestions?

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    1. re: cls

      gyu kaku might be a great place for the kids, however they dont have really serve sushi. Im not really sure of a good option for good sushi to go with kids; what kind of quality / price range are you trying to stay in?

    2. I would recommend Hirosuke in Encino (on Ventura between Balboa and Louise). They have a decent combination of cooked foods and rolls. It's not the place for traditional sushi, but if you want non-traditional rolls, it is pretty good. I think of it as not too expensive, but that is relative. It certainly is not in the Katsu-Ya, Nozawa or Sushi Iki range. But it's not really cheap, i.e., like a Sushi Mac. But I get out of there with adults for $25-30 per person (assuming we don't go crazy on their very expensive rolls). It also is kid friendly. We see families there all of the time. If you are concerned about the toddlers disrupting other diners, ask to sit on the upper level (which is just a few steps up from the main floor of the restaurant).

      1. There's Midori, in Sherman Oaks, which offers an AYCE sushi menu as well as cooked dishes off the menu.

        Another, and perhaps better option, is Ahi Sushi, on Ventura just west of Coldwater. The menu has a number of nice combos (sushi with cooked items) at very reasonable prices.

        1. We have a four-year-old who loves sushi, and we've had great experiences at Tama (Ventura east of Laurel Canyon). There's lots of debate about Tama on these boards -- some love it, some don't -- but we think it's great, and what's not debatable is that they are okay with little kids. We try to make it easy on them by going in early (I t hink they open for dinner at 5pm). And we don't let our kid go totally nuts, but they are fine with a reasonable level of toddler behavior.

          1. Not really fabulous, but Yamato on encino is ok for kids. They do well with kids, actually.

            A place called Sushi Delivery USA on Riverside in Sherman oaks/Studio City may work