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Feb 24, 2002 03:33 PM

Trader Joe's (at least Encino) giveaway

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I was doing my normal Saturday morning rounds yesterday, and when I left Trader Joe's, they gave me a gift basket with a bottle of TJ extra virgin oil, a bottle of TJ balsamic vinegar, and two cruets. For free. I said hey - what the heck? They said - "take this home, and tell a friend how cool we are." Consider it done.
Don't know how long this will last, or if it is only an Encino thing, but.....

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  1. They are all doing it -- but you have to spend $25 to get the gift.

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    1. re: Ummmm

      Was this just a Saturday give-away? I was at the Manhatten Beach TJ's this morning and spent well over $25, but didn't receive the gift - bummer!

      1. re: Angie5

        Trader Joe's in Irvine, Orange County, was giving a gift box of the TJ virgin olive oil and a cruet if you bought a spaghetti sauce (any kind, not just the new Emeril sauces). So that cost was about $2.99 - and the give-away was as long as the supply lasted.

        1. re: kc girl

          I was at the Encino TJ last Saturday. I spent well over $100 and didn't receive a gift. As a matter of fact, the grocer forgot to bag a few of my purchased items. I discovered the missing items and immediately contacted the store. Of course, they didn't know anything about it. Did any of you TJ shoppers receive "free gifts" that day? It may have been my groceries.

    2. I shopped at the santa monica store (pico) on saturday, spent about $100 & got nothing for free....what's the deal I wonder?????

      1. I was at the TJ in Culver City a few weeks ago and they had rum soaked cakes for free. 3 to a customer. I didn't indulge but it was tempting.