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Mar 1, 2008 12:49 PM

Cucumber Salad in advance?

I'm going to a friend's house for lunch tomorrow and I'm bringing this sweet & sour cucumber salad. It says it "can be prepared and chilled two hours before serving". I've made it only once before and last time I think I did just that, made it a few hours before I served it.

Do you think that I can make it later on tonight, or will it just be a complete soggy mess by lunch time tomorrow?


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  1. Wait until tomorrow, it will be way to soggy. You could make the dressing this evening and chill it and slice the cucumbers tomorrow and combine with the dressing just before you leave.

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      Ok, that's kinda what I thought. Thanks.

    2. It will get a little watery since the cukes continue to sweat, but we have always made it the day before for parties. Just don't put all the liquid in the serving dish. The flavor and texture should be just fine since it is not meant to be crispy with the designated very thin slice. I don't see cucumbers as getting mushy- they have alot of integrity.

      1. i usually make a big batch of a similar recipe that we eat for fact, i think it tastes best the day after when all the flavors really seep into the cucumbers. never had the cucumbers turn mushy. if you're very concerned, you may want to just slice the cucumbers a little bit thicker than normal.

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          Same here... the cucumbers will better the next day. There will be more juice, but if serving for a party, I would just drain it a bit.

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            Same here ... I know it isn't supposed to be made in advance, but I make cucumber salad hours before, and often eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. I think it is always best when its had some time to sit.

        2. The recipe is similar to a traditional Japanese cucumber salad--best if made a day ahead of time. The only difference is that I scoop out the seeds and pulpy parts after halving lenghtwise and prior to slicing thinly cross-wise.

          1. Thanks all. I ended up making the dressing last night, but then I cut up the cucumbers and assembled the whole thing at about 9:00 this morning (lunch was around 12:00).

            It is really good and easy, but I think it could have benefited from a little more marinating. Next time I'll make it a day in advance.