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Mar 1, 2008 12:41 PM

Teff Flour

Does anyone know where I can buy teff flour in TO? I want to make some authentic injera bread.

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  1. I'd try the Ethiopian spice shop in Kensington Market.

    Most Ethiopians in Toronto don't actually make their own bread at home, though. Almost all of them buy it (and in certain areas, like Parkdale, you can get it at every corner store). I had a conversation with a man buying it one day at my local Hasty Market, and he explained that western-style stoves aren't suited to the mitad pans used to make the bread, and that because of the climate here, it's harder to get the proper level of fermentation. I had mentioned that I was interested in making some myself and he shook his head, and told me I should just buy it instead.

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      I buy my teff flour at Bulk Barn (Shoppers World on the Danforth). I'm sure all of the locations carry it as well.

      1. re: torontogal

        Yes, Bulk Barn definitely carries Teff flour, including the one at Leslie and Lakeshore East.

    2. Thank you for your replies.
      The reason I want to buy the flour is because I'm visiting from PEI and we can't get either the flour or the store bought injera there.
      I'd like to buy the flour to take home.