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Mar 1, 2008 12:28 PM

Espana Tapas in Larchmont

Hello, My boyfriend and I want to try something new for dinner....anyone been to Espana in Larchmont? We were thinking Tapas and have been to Patrias (PoCho) and Barcelona, but heard about this place.


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  1. Been twice - very good both times. Much, much better than Patrias imo and the chef at Espana is the original chef owner of Patrias. Patria has gone severely downhill under the new management and kitchen.

    As for Espana - have only had items from the tapas menu, no paellas or other entrees yet. Th . The serrano ham is incredible as are the clams with chorizo - I forget the exact name of the dish is. I wasn't crazy about the mussels in salsa verde but they're not as much my thing. The empanadas which change daily were great and the cheeses were delicious. The bread is phenomenal. They get it from a bakery in New Rochelle. We had a few other things but without looking at the menu I can't recall exactly what.

    Definitely go to Espana and post back. I hope you enjoy.

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    1. re: laylag

      Thanks, Laylag for the heads up. We are going there with a group of 12 women for a farewell dinner. I thought I would order 10 or so tapas beforehand. What did you drink? I was thinking of Sangria, but if you have another suggestion, please let me know.

      1. re: pobo

        Espana is way better than Patria. They are in different leagues although i think they are owned by the same people. Patria gets a 1 on a scale for atmosphere and Espana is cozy with a good vibe. If i were you though, with a large group i would go to peniche in white plains for tapas. Espana is small and a tight space for a big party. Peniche is much bigger and more festive. Both have good tapas but Peniche's menu is much more extensive and it is more expensive as well. Barcelona --if that is the one in Greenwich--is not good.

        1. re: marbet815

          LaPaella in Norwalk is very good.

          Looks like Espana is a place to try.

          1. re: marbet815

            Thanks for the heads up - we were concerned about that, but they are going to put a large oval table together for us in the back. Sounds like the Sangria is a winner!

          2. re: pobo

            Didn't have sangria either time pobo. Both times had whites - the first time had a wine by the glass - can't recall which and the second time we had a bottle of Verdeho (sp?) that was excellent.

          3. re: laylag

            (I'm the boyfriend :) )

            We went last night, the place was really crowded at 7:30 on a Saturday night which is always a good sign.

            We loved the bread! We ordered ceviche and potatoes for an appetizer. The potatoes are exactly the same as we had at patrias when we visited, but were great! (A red spicy sauce and a white sauce are drizzled above the potatoes).

            The Ceviche was great, my girlfriend and I couldn't decide if it was better than our favorite at Sunset Grille, but it is definitely worth trying. (Somewhat pricey at $14 dollars though).

            For an entree I got the Paella de Carne, which was a very generous portion. We were warned it would take 1/2 an hour to prepare which was just fine because the red Sangria was INCREDIBLE! It had a very strong melon flavor and is one of the best sangrias I have ever had. It was very sweet, but not overwhelming and the last glass out of the pitcher was as enjoyable as the first. If somebody asked me today where the best sangria in westchester is, I would say that Espana is number 1 and Mighty Joe Young is number 2 (mostly because of the fruit being aged in liqour for a week).

            No clue would like to post her own thoughts since she thinks I am not doing a good job....

            1. re: mrgaga

              I ordered the sea scallop special, which came with risotto and I really like it. The Sangria was good...i didn't think it was that sweet but there was melon (or maybe apple) flavor...whatever it was it was good.

              1. re: mrgaga

                Oh, mrgaga, what a good recommendation! A must try for me.

                Have you been to LaPaella in Norwalk? An excellent restaurant, and the sangria is wonderful, as is the service.

                1. re: mrgaga

                  Glad you liked. As per my post, the chef Mariano was the owner and chef at Patrias but sold that and came over here to be the exec chef thus the duplication of the potatoes. Now that Mariano is at Espana Patrias is not good at all anymore - not fresh, not original simply blech.

                  As for Espana, I will have to try some entrees next time. When you and no clue go again - if you like clams, do order. I dream of them. The empanadas and the fresh carved and perfectly cured serrano and very yummy as well. will take both of your recs and get some sangria on my next visit.

                  Will have to give Peniche a go as well.