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Mar 1, 2008 12:18 PM

Bean's BBQ -- Altadena

As I was heading to the 210 the other day, I had noticed some smoke coming from a place on Fair Oaks just south of Woodbury that looked to be a new BBQ place. I made a note to try it this weekend.

This is Bean's BBQ. A nice, clean joint that hasn't been open very long. I ordered a rib dinner to go. You get 5 pork ribs with a choice of two sides (bbq beans, potato salad, coleslaw and a couple others I can't remember). The ribs have a very nice smoke to them and are very meaty and tender. I ordered the hot sauce, that they slather it on quite a bit, which i like, but if you don't make sure to oder on the side. The sauce was very good with a nice lingering heat to it. I got the potato salad and beans as sides. Both are generous portions. The salad was quite good, the beans were a little too sweet for me. But I spooned some extra sauce into them and that made them quite good. The dinner was 12.50 which I thought reasonable for the amount of food you get.

I would rate this a notch below JnJ's, but considering they are 30 miles closer to me I think I'll be going back quite often.

P.S. I asked about beef ribs and the owner said he was making up some this afternoon and asked me to come back to try them. He mentioned he'd prefer a pre-order for those normally..

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  1. This sounds worth a try. I've tried the place on Lake that operates on the weekends from a tent, which is pretty good, they don't make their own sauce and it's not very spicy, but this area could use a good BBQ place.

    Is it mostly takeout or do they have an eating area?
    Do they have chicken or baby backs or any other main?

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      There is inside dining. Maybe a dozen tables. They do have chicken, as well as links and tri-tip. I didn't notice any brisket on the menu.