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Mar 1, 2008 11:32 AM

Question about Tabasco Green Sauce

I've been going through so many small bottles of the the stuff lately, after a long search, I ascertained I could purchase a gallon size from the Home Shopping Network.

After wavering a few weeks about what this might do to my reputation, I caved after dealing with a Tabasco shortage at the local grocer. I seem to be addicted to the stuff! :)

I did try to make a batch on my own, with no luck. Emeril's makes a passable copy, but again, only in small sizes. So my beautiful glass gallon jar of Tabasco arrived last night ($36.95) not too shabby. But we had been out all day, so it sat for a few hours at about 32 degrees. Fortunately intact, but SO COLD. I know I normally don't need to refrigerate the sauce, but since this has basically 'been' refrigerated, should I keep it refrigerated to be safe? TIA

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  1. This sauce is essentially vinegar, salt, and chiles. Shouldn't need to refrigerate, but if it makes you feel safer, have at it. Consuming the sauce at a lower temp will dampen the flavors slightly, so perhaps keep the large bottle in the the ref and keep a serving size bottle filled from that at room temp.

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    1. I love this stuff too, and LOVE that you bought it by the gallon. I just may do the same.

      1. In college (quite a few years ago), a friend went around with a letter extolling the virtues of traditional Tabasco. He got over 200 signatures and sent it to the Tabasco company. They responded with a gallon jug and a logo apron.

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          Pomme was quite correct, the flavors were just not right cold. I filled the two bottles I saved, and after they came to room temp they were just fine.

          It's ridiculously cheaper if you use a lot of tobasco..128 oz for $37.

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            Have you checked the prices compared to buying directly from the Tabasco company? I have been buying directly from them for years due to lack of inventory at my local stores. They have a website and an online catalog.

        2. I love the green sauce!!! Such a unique flavor! I refrigerate mine because it makes me feel better. I'm sure its fine either way, though.

          1. refrigerating will keep the color brighter. that's about it. at one point I had the beer fridge in the garage about 1/3 filled with hot sauce. Then the fridge went out and we replaced it with a half-size one and the hot sauce got un-refrigerated, without any perceptible changes, other than that the colors faded some. Now the beer fridge just has beer in it and the only saue that gets refrigerated is the sriracha, 'cause I like it better bright red.