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Mar 1, 2008 11:02 AM

Latitude 40 in Point--been was

Thinking about trying this place tonight. Anyone have comments on it recently?. I was there some time ago and it was just so so , wondering if it got better????

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  1. Here's a review a posted a from a couple of months ago:

    "We tried Latitude 40 this weekend. Overall it was decent --- some high points and some low.

    Went on Sunday evening. Almost decide not to go in since it was empty/quiet (2-3 other tables aside from us) but we had a bottle of wine and wanted to try something different and were already there. Seating was a bit strange. As I said the place was empty but they stuck us in the back towards the kitchen at a big table (just the 2 of us). The seating along the wall (booth attached to the wall) was MUCH higher than the regular chairs so my fiance felt like she was in a high chair looking down at me. Not the end of the world, but it was a little weird.

    Started with the bread and they asked if we wanted rosemary-infused oil with it (of course). Since they brought out a bottle of it and poured some onto our plates then took it way I figured it would be some tasty stuff, but it was pretty unmemorable (as was the bread). We both were also given a piece of bruschetta as an amuse-bouce. Fairly standard, maybe a little acidic for my taste..

    For the apps I had a handful of raspberry point oysters. Came out as expected w/ some lemon and cocktail sauce on ice (the server said the chef recommends just to use a some lemon on them since the sauce could overpower the delicate flavor but it was there in case you wanted it). I thought they were very good. We also had an order of alaskan king crab legs. Served out of the shell (though I did get a pretty big piece of cartilage -- not sure if that is supposed to be removed with the shell) in a citrus butter sauce. Also quite tasty though there was a lot of butter.

    Being the high-roller that I am, I decided to "upgrade" my salad and get the Baby Spinach w/ Applewood Smoked Bacon,Gorgonzola Cheese and a Walnut Pear Vinaigrette. Aside from also being a tiny bit acidic (I admit that I don't like super strong acid tastes most of the time) it was delicious. Pear was cooked nice and you can't go wrong with bacon and Gorgonzola. Didn't taste the house salad, but from as far as I can tell she thought it was perfectly fine.

    Her dinner was the Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass with a Summer Tomato, Caper, Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette. I had a few bites and it was solid. She seemed to enjoy it. I got the Tempura Tuna with Honey Ginger Soy Demi-Glace and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes (which I was told was their specialty). I received a massive portion (nice presentation as well on both plates). Beautifully cooked (ordered rare). Super crispy tempura on the outside and succulent on the inside. Only problem was that by the time I got to the second half of it it had cooked through a bit more than I would have liked (I imagine they had to use a very high heat to prepare it the way they do so there is a lot of carryover heat -- eat fast if you like it rare!). The potatoes had a nice kick to them, but they were a little on the dry side. The honey glaze was very sweet, but still had a nice flavor. Came with some mini asparagus that were great (kind of light on the portion size for them though).

    I was stuffed by the time I was done so no dessert. I think the total (before tip) was just under $90. I wouldn't rush back, but I wouldn't object to it either. Lack of ambiance was what we liked least (well... maybe the bread too!), but in their defense it was a Sunday night in the winter.

    Looks like they remodeled some since it was reddington's. The fireplace that was on the east wall is gone (if my memory serves correct). There is a wine store directly next store in case you underestimate."

    1. If you went I'd be curious to see what you thought. I live in the area but have never tried the place because I've heard mixed reviews about it.

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        No we did not go. We wound up going to Mc Loon's in Long Branch. Some people on the board do not like it there, but I do. It is expensive though!! My only complaint was that our to go food was put it in "Chinese" looking containers. I asked if aluminum ones were available, they were not. And just as I suspected, they leaked all over my back seat! Real dumb!!!