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Mar 1, 2008 10:56 AM

Not so sweet date shakes,

I'm trying to find recipes for date shakes that are less sweet. Any suggestions ??

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  1. Well, there's not much you can do other than try to find an ice cream that's not as sweet. Maybe try making you own ice cream with less sugar. Or try adding more milk or ice to water it down a bit. Add alcohol maybe to cut richness and sugar. Not much else you can do since it's dependent on sweetness only on the ice cream and dates.

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    1. re: digkv

      I agree. I think adding milk is your best bet.

    2. That's a tough one--you know dates are largely sugar, right?

      1. You could make a date smoothie, instead. I can post a recipe for one, if you need.

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          1. re: harilenn

            Paraphrased from the 'Juice for Life' cookbook (a local veggie restaurant here in Toronto):

            4 dates
            3/4 cup milk
            1 banana
            1 tbsp peanut or almond butter
            1 tsp maple syrup
            1 shake cinnamon

            Serves 1

          2. re: chloe103

            yep - a smoothie is likely the not-so-sweet taste the OP is seeking. I use plain yogurt + a bit of OJ + frozen or fresh mango and/or peach + dates. For added health benefit, I stir in some wheat germ after the spin in the blender.

          3. I recently tried a Martha recipe for a smoothie. I thought it was a bit too sweet myself, but suspect leaving out the honey would do the trick. the other ingredients, if I remember correctly, are just buttermilk, banana, and a dash of salt.