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Mar 1, 2008 10:53 AM

szechuan garden on smith st.

We are still reeling from the Red Hot closure and ordered from the new Szechuan Garden last night. It gets an F from us as in barely edible. The Hot and Sour soup was thin and not spicy or flavorful, the steamed veggie dumplings were gummy with way more dough than filling, and the steamed chicken and veggies was rife with inedible chicken bits. The brown rice was even a little weird. The cashew chicken was not so bad... the one saving grace. We will not be ordering from there again... but where else can we get chinese in carroll gardens?

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  1. Do a search, you'll find more than one positive review. I've been there a few times and find it to be the opposite. Its not on Manhattan Chinatown levels, nor is it high end gourmet. However, I'd say its thebest in the Cobble/ Carroll vicinity for any Chinese. The times I've been to Sz Gar have been in the restaurant and not delivered. That can make a big diff. What about Hunan Delight on Union in the Slope? They deliver to Carroll Gardens.

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      I'm with you Larry. It's not perfect but it's been very reliable for us. The only thing I wasnt fond of was their wonton soup. In fact, I had both those steamed veggie jumplings *and* the steamed chicken with veg (I tend to request specific veg...bok choy and string beans usually) just last night (delivery) and had no trouble with either. The chicken was pretty generous (though it hasnt always been) and was all white meat (so not sure how you ended up with anything inedible). We also had the brown rice with no issues..not as good as the stuff we make with our recent japanese rice cooker purchase, but totally fine.

      My other safe chinese choice is Chance. Though we tend to do mainly dim sum from there, and pineapple /shrimp fried rice.

      Of the other corner joint chinese spots, China Hong has been better than it used to be. Empire Kitchen used to be the best around but closed sadly. Me and My Egg Roll has great wonton soup but that's about the only reliable thing we get from there.

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        Maybe it's worth another try... the meal we had was pretty bad, though.

        We will definitely give Hunan delight a shot.

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          Plenty of ways to have inedible pieces of white meat chicken... I've certainly had my share of poorly cooked, strangely textured, mystery pieces of sliced chicken from some restaurants.

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            So I'd like to actually order from Szechuan Garden and give it a try, but it's not up on yet, and I threw out all the menus they shoved under our door when they first opened. Anyone have a link to their menu online?

        2. I have to agree with the other posters. We've ordered from them half dozen times or so since they opened and have never been disappointed except for one time they gave us one appetizer when we had ordered another. We found it surprisingly not greasy & fresh.

          1. i've been meaning to check out szechuan garden (only plan in the area that serves dandan noodles?). sorry to hear your experience wasn't good. i might get burned for this, but lichee on montague street is great for chinese delivery. i'm down on union and they deliver to me, usually in short time.

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            1. re: the_state

              szechuan garden is definitely a step above lychee nut in my opinion.... though i wont lie and say that i havent ordered from them plenty of times, but for not much of a price difference, the food seems much fresher and cleaner (is that possible for chinese food?) at SG. i think they are my go-to spot now. unfortunately jeffy, i dont know where theres a menu online, but i had shrimp with mixed veggies in garlic sauce last week from them and it was pretty tasty!

            2. Like some of the other posters, we haven't been disappointed in several tries. Top-tier Chinatown or Queens? No. Best of the neighborhood? So far, definitely. Not as gloppy as any of the others. I agree that the hot and sour soup (and the wonton soup) aren't that great, so I don't order them. The Chengdu wontons in peppercorn sauce (NOT the ones in broth) are excellent.

              Worth another try, perhaps?

              Jeffy - I haven't seen a menu online. Perhaps they'd fax one to you?

              1. where exactly is this place? i did a quick menupages / google search and could not find anywhere on smith st. in brooklyn a place named szechuan garden. i live in carroll gardens and would LOVE a new place to try.

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                1. re: abr269

                  West side of Smith between Warren and Wyckoff. Closer to Warren.