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Feb 23, 2002 11:50 AM

Greek yoghurt

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Any resources for buying greek yoghurt and what IS greek yoghurt - its always mentioned on Nigella Bites, Nigella Lawson's cooking show, she is always making something or other requiring quantities of this.

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  1. My grandmother (from Greece) says that in Greece the yoghurt is was made from Goat milk because they didn't have cows...that was about 80 years ago..they may have cows there now. So maybe the Greek yogurt here is made from Goat milk here as well? Try the C&K market near St. Sophia's Church on Normandie/Pico...

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      This may not be helpful for the original question, but I regularly eat goat milk yogurt for breakfast, with a sprinkly of good granola. Redwood Hill Farm is the brand I've been using, and it is really good -- and creamy!

      I don't drink goat milk -- yeah, it's kinda weird, but it really does make a creamy yogurt.

    2. greek yoghurt is amazing! is is super rich and creamy. the best way to eat it is with fresh fruit or (the very best) honey. i ate yoghurt and honey twice a day for a wk when i visited greece and i think that's how i gained 10-15 lbs (it is soooo rich).

      i am sure that C&K imports has it, but i have not looked for it there. i am afraid to find it, because once i start, i won't be able to stop.

      1. Greek yogurt is strained, which is why it is so good, richer and creamier. If you cannot find it here in LA, I have only bought it in New York, for the purpose of using in a recipe, you can strain regular PLAIN yogurt to approximate the consistency. I think the very best yogurt available in LA is Strauss Dairy organic, available at Trader Joes and some Wild Oats. If you take a quart container of yogurt, pour it in a strainer or collander lined with cheese cloth, placed over a bowl to catch the liquid. Leave this in the fridge overnight and in the morning you will have a thick lovely spreadable yogurt .
        Below is a link to the Strauss Dairy, with info and recipes


        1. Yogurt spellings differ because it ain't really "Greek". Yogurt is Middle Eastern. It is called, by some, "soured milk". But that is WHOLE milk. And by WHOLE milk I mean from utter to you, pasturizing today is ok, but NOT removing ANY cream is essential. Full fat milk, as I will call it here, is the Essense of "Greek yogurt". The mountainous regions of Greece, as in Italy and elsewhere, don't have good pasture land for cows to graze, so the raise sheep and goats. I, personally, prefer the taste of both sheeps milk and goats milk to cows milk, but cows milk is good too. Most yogurt bought today in most supermarkets is skim milk yogurt thickened with geletin, or, in the past, corn starch. (The sole reason for manufacturers switch from corn starch to geletin is to cut the sugars down, marketing strategy, no taste difference, in fact, NO TASTE)
          Whole milk yogurt is naturally thick and thickens more when introduced to the 'good' bacteria that makes yogurt. These bacteria not only make it yogurt, but give it a TANGY taste. VERY TANGY. Sometimes so tangy, Greek yogurt is often served with natural strong flavored honey. It is also sometimes called an "acuired taste", to which I say, " Acuire some yogurt, and have a taste". "Total" is a brand name popular here in NYC, but I'm sure with a little internet searching you can find a good source.

          P.S. Nigella Bites, WOW, WOW, WOW!!! is an EXCELENT SHOW! She often asks for ingredients that in GB have been 'popularized'. Haloumi cheese is a good example. Haloumi cheese is a cheese from the Greek Island of Cyprus (a former British colony) and is very tastey and good. It is a sheeps milk cheese. If she refers to Greek yogurt from Cyprus she is really refering to really thick and delicious sour cream. Sour cream that IS NOT availablt in the USA. But good Greek yogurt is, and is a good substitute. ENJOY!