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Mar 1, 2008 10:33 AM

Corned Beef - who's serving? butcher selling?

anyone know of anyplace that is/will be serving Corned Beef w/w/o Cabbage?
or any local Butcher that is maybe brining their own?

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  1. twaites market on the methuen lawrence line oakland street--absolutely the best corned beef and ribs they brine on premises--been there since god was born never a bad brisket......................................

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    1. re: tom h

      wow, and right in my 'Hood.

      1. re: tom h

        Boy, do these sure look interesting/dangerous/addicting/yummy....

      2. K St market in South Boston, Ma.
        Brined by the Joseph brothers from a recipe handed down by their father.
        Great stuff, and it's available year round.
        The market is on the corner of K and 8th Street.

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        1. re: janzy

          and this one i'll couple with a trip to Cafe Polonia.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            Another great place to buy cornrd beef is the Dorchester Market, sometimes called Gene and Paul's. Its on the corner of east Cottage and Dorchester Ave.

        2. Just saw an add on TV that The Butcher Boy in North Andover is curing their own also.

          1. My house!!
            Also, SS, I noticed a sign at the local Methodist church at the rotary in Saugus Center stating that there will be a corn beef din din March 15th at 6. If you are out driving, check out local churches as they often have them to raise money.
            Top of the Morn to ye.

            1. Scuba,
              Just thought of one more place - Maplewood Meat Market in Maplewood Square in Malden. They do the corn beef every year. Enjoy.