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Mar 1, 2008 10:07 AM

Arpeggio Much Nicer

Went to Arpeggio last night with a jones for pizza. What a surprise! The interior finally made you feel like you were walking into a real restaurant rather than into an old train station waiting room. Nice looking walls and dividers with artwork created a somewhat Mediterranean ambiance. Saw a fireplace in a back corner. Tables were a bit like 4 person picnic tables, but decent enough--especially if you've ever been there before the remodel. There was still a bit of equipment stored in the back of the room, but included was a brand new doner grill for making shwarma and gyro meat. The owner said the vertical grill was being installed soon in the kitchen which had been expanded and updated. Glad they seem to be doing well, because it's an easily accessible location for me.
I wasn't quite as happy about the pizza. The crust was chewy rather than crispy, which I don't mind, but overall the pizza lacked flavor. The sauce was very bland. Aside from the taste of the free, fresh garlic I requested, I couldn't get much taste at all from the sausge and gyros meat toppings. I improved it somewhat with crushed peppers and some dry oregano at home, but...
I will say that the non-pizza items I had about a year ago were good. We had the chicken shwarma and hummus and a gyro sandwich. All well flavored with good tzatziki sauce, tasty gyros meat and fresh, warmed pita. I'll go back, but more for their regular menu.

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    1. its on airport near the mall

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      1. re: nytexan

        Arpeggio is much "nicer"but what happened to the food?

        To wit:

        The Hummus,which I previously thought was the best in town is now lacking in flavor;neither enough garlic nor enough lemon juice powers the new concoction.

        The Baba ganoush is bitter.The time to leech the eggplant of bitterness has not been spent.This dish is tasted and then not eaten.

        The Combination kabob deals strike 3.The Chicken kabob used to feature white meat chicken pounded then wrapped around dark meat chicken to keep it juicy.This vital step is now skipped.The White Meat,without the benefit of the dark,is dry.The Kafta is actually rubbery.The flavor is still there[Palestinian meat loaf,proclaimed one friend] and good but the texture is poor.

        I loved the old run-down Arpeggio.The food was great and the ambience was nice and beat up.The new version is lovely with ambient lighting and cool artwork painted on the walls but at what price?

      2. I just finished some pizza and wings I picked up from Arpeggio for dinner.

        Our pizza was called "The Arpeggio" - sausage, pepperoni, onions, italian peppers, olives. The crust was great with a thin layer of crispiness and a little garlic salt on the outside. It reminds me of some of the pizzas I've eaten with my family in upstate NY.

        And the wings were great. Above average size, crispy skin, moist interior. They are by far the best wings I've ever gotten from an Austin pizza place.