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Mar 1, 2008 09:19 AM

AOC, Fraiche or Comme Ca...

We have reservations at all 3 for Monday night for a special birthday dinner for two couples. I've haven't been to any yet. (Our first choice, Melisse, is closed on Mondays.) But we are after a memorable experience: food first, then atmosphere and wine list and service and all. What do you think would be fun? Do any have a tasting menu? Where would you go and why? And what would you order? Thanks!

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  1. All 3 could be fun, yet to me Fraiche would be the least fun of the three choices offered.
    The best food - they are all about the same qualitatively, so your perspective on what type of food and dining experience you are looking for should be the determinant in your selection.
    AOC is a wine bar where tastings of each course of food and wine generate different experiences, and they change every time you order new items. Lots of fun.
    Fraiche is strictly a restaurant in the true sense of a restaurant, no more, no less, yet good food and ambiance.
    Comme Ca is a brasserie, is noisy, brassy, has good food, and yet is meant to create a party atmosphere and you are part of the invitation list. Fortunately, Mondays might offer a bit of a respite from some of the cacaphony of what a Saturday might be.
    Their websites are:,, and Take a look and see if any one of them stands out to you over the others, and have a good time regardless of where you end up, and of course report back.

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        Good analysis - thanks. Anybody else?

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          Don't fret if you get no more replies. Carter's post said it like it is. Have a great dinner!

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            Comme Ca is the L.A. hotspot darling of the moment. The reviews, ranging from this board to SIV to Bruni, have been glowing. AOC has a long and strong track record. Fraiche runs the gamut -- some absolutely rave about its food, others find it to be flawed or overrated. Much of the criticism of Fraiche concerns the attitude at the front of the house.

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              Mmm...I enjoyed my visit to Comme Ca, but I'd have to see reviews on the board have been solidly mixed. Some people have reported nightmare experiences and/or unimpressive dishes. Still, I defer to carter's original reply. It's spot on.

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        1. Hounds always come through! Thanks to all. Say - If Blue Velvet was in the mix...where would that rank?

          1. AOC! AOC! (sorry, I can't be more helpful than that...)

            1. I've been to all 3. Hated was just ok and servers had attitude to spare! AOC is good, but quite expensive for very little food and drink. Comme Ca is quite good, but if I were spending the money to go there, I would definitely go to Comme Ca's big brother Sona which is by far the most sophisticated and memorable of the 3. Comme Ca is good, but Sona is outstanding on all levels and only slightly more expensive.