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Mar 1, 2008 09:16 AM

DogBar in Gloucester -- go!

The wife and I went to the DogBar restaurant in Gloucester (former White Rainbow) and had a very good meal for a very good price. I think they have finally figured out how to bring people in who can't afford $100 meals. We both had grilled chicken sandwiches on bread from Virgilio's bakery next door, with grilled pineapple and and a yummy orange brandy sauce. Side dish: garlic mashed potatoes, very garlick-y in an inoffensive way.

She had a huge glass of white wine, I had a chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that was out of this world. Total bill: $36. Excellent service, sat near the fireplace. Just a lovely night.

The menu also had regular entrees.

I can't help but note that no one responded to my request for info about Latitude 43. I'm not taking it personally, since you all barely know me.

Res Ipsa

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  1. Res how would you compare food quality/ choices of DogBar ( i am going just for the name) to Franklin? And I have been waiting to hear more recent reviews of Latitude 43 before trying as initial reports were dismal . I may have to take that one for the Team ...

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    1. re: capeanne

      Two different experiences. The Franklin is definitely my favorite restaurant on Cape Ann for the big meal experience, and therefore I don't go often. I can see myself going to the DogBar every Friday night.

    2. A friend of mine from Gloucester is trying to get us to go with him. If either of you go, please post, if not, I will report back sometime in the next month or so.

      1. Why do they call it DogBar? Do they love dogs or even better, are they allowed?

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          It is named after the Dogbar Breakwater, a quarter of a mile finger of land that houses the Coast Guard station and the Eastern Point Lighthouse. It protects Gloucester Harbor from wild storm surges.

            1. re: capeanne

              It looks like a nice place with a very nice menu!

        2. Hi,today looks like a good day for a drive, to check it out ...what exit is it? thanks

          1. I totally agree, Gloucester needs more reasonable chow places. I went to White Rainbow some time ago, it was good, IMO Franklin is much better. I was also waiting to see if you got a response about LAT 43, the old McT's place.

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            1. re: treb

              Lots of reviews on Yelp ...from the " shoot it" to the " magnificent " I suspect it will come into its own as the season nears