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Mar 1, 2008 09:07 AM

Local source for kaffir lime leaf?

Anyone here know of a source for these guys? I looked in MT Supermarket twice, and was sure I'd find them with the pre-peeled/shrink-wrapped garlic, etc in the produce section but no luck. Also tried a few smaller Asian groceries, Central Market, WF, etc. My Thai cooking has ground to a halt. Thanks!

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  1. i really want to say i've seen them frozen before...but i can't remember where, i'm sorry. but at least look in the freezer section...?

    1. The search function can often help in such a quest.

      Just over a year ago, there was this conversation:

      One 'hound had luck at Little Thailand:

      1. NirvRush -- Thanks -- I did scour MT yesterday top to bottom, including the frozen but no luck.

        Knoblauch -- Thanks, I didn't search back far enough

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        1. re: galroot

          I just bought a new tree from Breed's for $40. It's about 4 feet tall. I'm sure that you could get it cheaper from somewhere else, though.

          If your Thai cooking has ground to a halt, you really need your own, galroot. It's nice to just pick off a few leaves when you need them. My last tree lasted for 7 or 8 years, until I left it out during a freeze.

          If you don't want to do that, try Say Hi at N Loop and Burnet. That guy is Thai.

          1. re: rudeboy

            We also bought a tree. Got it from Garden's for $30 or $40 last year. Set it in a pot and it's doing great.

        2. Fiesta near 41st often carries them. I haven't been to the new one on Stassney so can't speak for that.

          I've always seen them at the Central Market on N. Lamar, in a tiny basket in the shelved area where they keep the microgreens and mushrooms, and frequently at the Westgate location.

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          1. re: renz

            Last time I saw them at CM they were selling for $60/lb. I need a few leaves, so I grabbed 6. Weighed them, they came out to over $2. I put them back on the shelf.

            Fiesta south didn't have any the last two times I was there, but they're $5/lb when they do.

            I get mine sent to me by a Thai family in California. If you just need a few and live down in far south Austin, drop me an email.

          2. You might try this place. They carry everything, often have specials, deliver quickly, and have interesting how-to videos of street vendors cooking.

            Thai Supermarket Online:


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            1. re: Nakhash

              I bought a Kaffir lime tree at the farmer's market downtown for $5. The guy from LaGrange usually has them and he's usually setup in the middle.

              Grow your own!

              1. re: Centexraider

                They're really slow growing though. So I'm afraid that little 6" pot (I'm guessing that's what you got for 5 bucks) won't do much for you for very long.