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Local source for kaffir lime leaf?

Anyone here know of a source for these guys? I looked in MT Supermarket twice, and was sure I'd find them with the pre-peeled/shrink-wrapped garlic, etc in the produce section but no luck. Also tried a few smaller Asian groceries, Central Market, WF, etc. My Thai cooking has ground to a halt. Thanks!

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  1. i really want to say i've seen them frozen before...but i can't remember where, i'm sorry. but at least look in the freezer section...?

    1. The search function can often help in such a quest.

      Just over a year ago, there was this conversation: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/370452

      One 'hound had luck at Little Thailand: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/90388...

      1. NirvRush -- Thanks -- I did scour MT yesterday top to bottom, including the frozen but no luck.

        Knoblauch -- Thanks, I didn't search back far enough

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          I just bought a new tree from Breed's for $40. It's about 4 feet tall. I'm sure that you could get it cheaper from somewhere else, though.

          If your Thai cooking has ground to a halt, you really need your own, galroot. It's nice to just pick off a few leaves when you need them. My last tree lasted for 7 or 8 years, until I left it out during a freeze.

          If you don't want to do that, try Say Hi at N Loop and Burnet. That guy is Thai.

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            We also bought a tree. Got it from Garden's for $30 or $40 last year. Set it in a pot and it's doing great.

        2. Fiesta near 41st often carries them. I haven't been to the new one on Stassney so can't speak for that.

          I've always seen them at the Central Market on N. Lamar, in a tiny basket in the shelved area where they keep the microgreens and mushrooms, and frequently at the Westgate location.

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            Last time I saw them at CM they were selling for $60/lb. I need a few leaves, so I grabbed 6. Weighed them, they came out to over $2. I put them back on the shelf.

            Fiesta south didn't have any the last two times I was there, but they're $5/lb when they do.

            I get mine sent to me by a Thai family in California. If you just need a few and live down in far south Austin, drop me an email.

          2. You might try this place. They carry everything, often have specials, deliver quickly, and have interesting how-to videos of street vendors cooking.

            Thai Supermarket Online:


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              I bought a Kaffir lime tree at the farmer's market downtown for $5. The guy from LaGrange usually has them and he's usually setup in the middle.

              Grow your own!

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                They're really slow growing though. So I'm afraid that little 6" pot (I'm guessing that's what you got for 5 bucks) won't do much for you for very long.

            2. Yea, they were indeed at Central Market -- for $60/lb.

              1. I was able to find some leaves at Whole Foods.......this was about 4 or 5 months ago. You might want to call them in advance, but I was able to purchase a few leaves in the packaged herb section.

                1. We used them at West Lynn Cafe (now gone), but Mother's (same owner) is there on Duval still, so you might want to drop by and ask, I want to say it was Austin Produce that we got them.

                  Source 2, mail order: http://importfood.com/spws0101.html

                  1. I found them last week at Central Market Westgate in the freezer section. I paid 60 cents for 6 leaves.