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Mar 1, 2008 08:52 AM

Looking for great Pad Thai

I just moved to LA from NYC, and I haven't found outstanding Pad Thai here yet like I had out there. I live in Sherman Oaks, and I've tried a few places around here (Thai Cabin and Lannathai) but both were mediocre at best. I'd prefer to find places close to me, but I'm willing to drive if it's REALLY good. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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  1. Pad thai is fairly generic but a few standouts are in Thai Town and Hollywood. My fav. is probably at RCA - Red Corner Asia on Hollywood at Harvard, Yai Thai at Hollywood and Vermont in the big Rite Aid shopping center is good and they also have a spicier less sweet version. I haven't tried it at Jitlada on Sunset, but everything I've had there is great. Sompun on Santa Monica near Hoover is very good too.

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    1. re: rednyellow

      Is Sompun the one with the nice patio?

      1. re: Josh90004

        Yes, Sompun is on the northeast side of Santa Monica, about a block before it hits Sunset.

    2. "Go north, young man, go north!" as in North Hollywood, to "North Thai-town" along Sherman Way; these are the real deal, and parking's easy... on the other hand, if you're coming down through the pass, Yai is good, as is Palms, and the branch of Ocha on Sunset just east of Western's actually tasty too.

      1. Pad Thai Krua Thai (NOT the generic Pad Thai, the House Special) at Krua Thai, which is on Sherman Way and Ethel Street in North Hollywood. It sits in the midst of a run of truly great, insanely cheap, no-decor-whatsoever Thai restaurants -- and if you can, take a Thai with you, because some places have the best specials written only in Thai.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I'll second that. One of the best that I've had.

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            I agree, although I have to ask for it with no dried shrimp or (I feel) they totally overpower the dish! I also like the Pad Thai at PresidenTwo in Pasadena. One of the best I have had.

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              If you wanna try that in Thai, you can ask for it, "mai sai goong haing." I waver between loving them in that specific dish and feeling like you do about them overpowering the other flavors.

              1. re: igj

                I will try it in Thai - Thank you!! ;-)

        2. I just had a really good pad thai at Ayara in Westchester. It had a nice balance of savory, sweet and sour. I was surprised and happy to see little dried shrimp, regular plump shrimp and fresh lime. Unlike some other scary places, this pad thai was not a weird lurid pink or orange. It was brownish.

          1. The Pad Thai at Thai Angels on Hollywood at the extension of Harvard is unique insofar as it's served in an omelette. It's inside a layer of egg. Quite different, but good.

            If you like your Pad Thai sweet, try the one at Chan Dara on Caheunga, just north of Sunset.

            But my favorite is at Ruen Pair, in the same shopping center as Red Corner Asia. It's not greasy at all, as it sometimes is at Yai. And it's flavorful. The other dishes, like Pad Se Eiu, I've tried at Ruen Pair are also good.