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Mar 1, 2008 08:39 AM

where can I buy fresh flat rice noodles in the city?

I am looking for fresh flat rice noodles to cook with. Where can I find these, preferably somewhere close to the Mission district? Thanks in advance.

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    1. For super fresh, get them at the source, hon's wun-tun house on 648 Kearny.

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      1. re: peppatty

        I don't think all of Hon's noodles are made on the premises, since they have a factory on Jessie St. The flat rice noodles are likely to be made off-site, as they are not big sellers at Hon's.

      2. Casa Thai on 16th should have them.

        1. The best chow fun noodle price is at 99 Ranch.

          1. Go to this fresh noodle shop on the 16th between Mission and South Van Ness - two shops away from Bar Bambino. Buzz them and you can buy by the pound.

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            1. re: foodiemonster

              Can you say more about this place? What kind of noodles do they make, what have you tried, what's it called, etc.? I've lived around the corner for years and have never heard of a fresh noodle shop nearby. Thanks for the tip.

              1. re: david kaplan

                Maybe related to the Vietnamese market across the street that sells fresh noodles in the back?

                1. re: Xiao Yang

                  What's the Vietnamese market on 16th between Mission & S. Van Ness? So much still to learn about my neighborhood!

                  1. re: david kaplan

                    It's called Hwa Lei Market, I believe. It looks like a Mexican produce market on the outside, but is crammed with Asian stuff inside.

                2. re: david kaplan

                  I do not remember the name of the shop. I remember some chinese characters that translates to noodle factory. They will sell you the flat rice noodles by the pound(still warm) and will ask if you want them cut into strips. You will get to see the equipment that is used to make and steam the noodles. 2 to 3 maybe 4 shops to the right(going towards mission st.) of Bar Bambino.

                  1. re: foodiemonster

                    Hmm, this definitely needs to be investigated! I'll do so as soon as I can. If anyone else does first please report back. Foodiemonster - when is the last time you went there?