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Mar 1, 2008 08:38 AM

Best Restaurant in Las Vegas

My husband and I travel each year to restaurants on the Gourmet List of America's Best Restaurants. We're heading to Vegas for 4 nights. So far I have booked:

Joël Robuchon at the Mansion
Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare
Restaurant Guy Savoy

Where should I go for my 4th night to experience the Best of the Best?

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    1. re: The Old Man

      Picasso. Period? I guess no more responses are needed after that.

      I'd slide in Alex (even over Picasso). My meals there have been more memorable. Of course, Alex does not have the fountain show for entertainment.

      1. re: The Old Man

        I'm with climberdoc. Go to Robuchon, Savoy, and Alex, and you've hit the top three in town. However, the food at all three is French (albeit with some differences), so if you want more variety pick a nationality and go from there.

        1. re: Larry

          Definitely Alex. I was underwhelmed by Joel Robuchon (maybe since I had dined at Alex the night before). Guy Savoy just received a bit of a mixed review by NY Times restaurant critic, Frank Bruni.

      2. I know some folks say it is overhyped but with Robuchon & Guy Savoy already in the bag, I'd go to Lotus of Siam. Not fancy at all. I can't get enough. Think it would be a good foil to the other 3.

        1. i've only been to bartolotta of these three, but its terrific. alex is the best i've been to, with picasso a close second.