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What to do with ground venison

Hi - I have some ground venison, and would like to make an interesting dish out of it for dinner.. any suggestions?

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  1. I've made a shepherd's pie w/ corn layered on top of meat under mashed potatoes.
    I'm not a big venison fan, or even meat fan, but this was palatable.

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      Thanks that is a great idea! I really want to be able to "taste" the venison in the dish and was feeling rather uninspired today... perfect. Anyone else have this beat?

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        If you really want to taste the venision, why not a burger? Or steak hache, if you aren't in the mood for buns.

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          Salisbury steak using ground venison works. The grinding and the oven braise help tenderize it beautifully.

      2. Chili or a thick lentil soup.

        1. I've been using ground venison for pasta sauces, lasagna, etc. for years. SO wanted to change to something with lower cholesterol than beef, so..

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            I have made a killer bolognese sauce, tacos or venison meatloaf, but my favorite application is a grilled burger with some added beef fat.

          2. We like to use it for larb/laab, esp. when no other (pork/beef) fat's been added.

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              Brilliant. I've had laab in Savannakhet made of venison.

            2. Dumplings ... or even pot stickers.

              1. I blend it with ground veal and pork to make meat balls. As a quick breakfast sausage I also blend it 50/50 with ground bulk breakfast pork and make sausage patties.

                1. If you are having trouble because with the relative dryness of ground venison, then mixing with pork is good for making things like sausages. Ground turkey works too but it can get pricey.

                  My sister's ex used to hunt deer and they had it dressed (butchered and packaged) by a great butcher who made these wonderful spicy saugsages that were a mix of venison and pork. It was a hearty sausage that was great in stews and braises. But the vension-only sausage was too dry.