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Mar 1, 2008 08:00 AM

North End, Large Group

My uncle from Chicago is coming to town next weekend - he said he wants to eat at Durgin Park - my wife and I immediately went 'yuk! no way!' so we are in search of alternatives. We'll have a group of about 8 adults. Aside from ourselves, the rest of the party are fairly unadventurous eaters.

We're thinking about North End, but with a party of 8, want to find a place that will take a reservation on a sat night. We're able to eat on the earlier side (7ish or earlier) which I know makes some places more willing to take a reservation and large group.

We've thought about Artu as well as Antico Forno - I know Artu will take a reservation. Any other ideas that match combination of good food and able to accomodate a large group?

King Carnivore

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  1. Lucca.
    they have a ton of space, three dining rooms

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      Antico Forno is a great place for a casual dinner. It has a very crowded and noisy dining room, which can be a drawback with eight of you. If you go, order dishes cooked in the brick oven (the menu tells you which), those are the best.

      Another choice is Mamma Maria, which has excellent food, less crowding, but more expensive. The valet parking is a great treat and the restaurant is located on North Street, next to The Paul Revere's house.

      Have fun.

    2. Perhaps Limoncello would fit the bill, also next to Paul Revere's house. Their rosette pasta with montasio cheese is excellent.

      190 North St, Boston, MA 02113

      1. For upscale: Mamma Maria or Prezza
        For lesser money: Antico Forno or Pagliuca's

        Would strongly suggest making a reservation if you can.