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Mar 1, 2008 07:55 AM

Brunch Suggestions close to Warden & Eglinton

My friend is visiting her mother in Providence Villa tomorrow afternoon. We'd like to enjoy a great brunch and catch-up chat beforehand. I found a thread (below) talking about local places to have a quick dinner - hoping to also get suggestions for a great place to have brunch tomorrow. Please also include if we need reservations! Thanks.

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  1. Ma'am, I have never known Scarborough to be a place for brunch. Would you settle for either lunch or breakfast?

    1. There's a Marvelous Edibles on the south side of St Clair, west of Providence Villa. It spawned the Marvelous Edibles on Laird, which is very good. However, they aren't mentioned on the website for the Laird location and have no site of their own. I don't know whether they are still connected or if they are open for brunch, but check them out.

      The only other place that comes to mind is Watt's at the Eglinton Sq mall. It's a pleasant enough place that I'm led to believe still serves real (if not exactly exciting) food.

      That's all I can think of. The area isn't exactly a brunch (or any other meal) mecca.

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        Thanks for this! I'm a HUGE fan of ME on Laird. It's one of our office go-to places. Googs- if you are reading this, we are good for the lunch option it that is better. I'm actually going over to Tara Inn today as I noted it in your profile and thought I'd try it today...

        1. re: xssnrg

          Please keep in mind that the Tarra is a real Irish pub and looks like one. It isn't a fine dining establishment. The Irish fare there is true to the bone, but if you're looking for decor that ain't the place.

          1. re: Googs

            Well enjoyed the drive over on this sunny winter day. Had a wonderful french onion soup, the fries (I'm an addict) and C.salad. I liked the soup, the salad was a bit sweet for my taste and the fries were pretty good - clearly homemade and dusted with seasoning. Spicy Caesar good but served w/ a dried lemon vs. lime. Waitress attentive and very sweet - sat me by the window so I could read my book and enjoy a peaceful time.

            1. re: xssnrg

              It's all about the Irish fare there for me. It is the only place in the GTA that I'm aware of the has a complete and authentic Irish breakfast.

          2. re: xssnrg

            On the Marvellous Edibles website, there are tabs on the left for 'Restaurant", "Catering" and "Bakery".

            The location on St Clair is not a brunch place and is CLOSED on Sundays. If you're willing to drive that far west from Warden & St Clair, you might as well continue a couple of blocks to Jawny Bakers, which does serve a Sunday brunch (parking available behind),

            Hours for the ME St Clair location -


            Marvellous Edibles
            2781 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4B, CA

            Jawny Bakers
            804 O Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4B2S9, CA

            1. re: JamieK

              Thanks JamieK. I have asked my friend if Jawny is ok. Sounds like a great solution!

              1. re: xssnrg

                Thought I'd close the loop. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch (I had brunch) at Jawny today. I would like to go back there in the summer - that patio must be wonderful when the sky is clear and you can see the stars and enjoy all the trees from the ravine.

                Love the way they start you out with a warm French baguette with a pot of butter and some strawberry jam. Nice touch. I had the crab eggs benny - quite good, included a small fruit salad to start and paired with a spicy caesar w/ horseradish - delish! Home fries on the side were mushy and just warm - I like mine crisp and hot. My friend had the tandoori chicken salad and particularly mentioned both the chicken and the candied nuts. Neither one of us could finish our portions. Coffee was very good and bottomless. They did not rush us out - they removed the dishes and offered coffee many times. We were able to stay and chat for 2.5 hours. Lots of families - they appear to have great desserts for kids.

                I want to go back and try out some of the other menu options with my SO.

        2. tuckers matrketplace does a brunch, it's not great but average and has lots of options. opens at 10 and is $16 per person. located at warden/eglinton....just a bit noth of providence villa.