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Mar 1, 2008 07:36 AM

cheap dinner near third and market in Phila

I am going to a wine tasting near 3rd and market. The tasting ends at 7pm and then we want to have a cheap dinner afterwards. We don't want to drive so where can we go that is good and cheap?

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  1. Depending on the type of food you are looking for you have quite a few options:

    Rotten Ralph's at the corner of 2nd and Chestnut is decent bar food, as is Nick's Roast Beef on 2nd.

    On Chestnut you will also find Kabul, a nice Afghani restaurant.

    If Sushi is your choice, Zento Contemporary is also on Chestnut

    Triumph Brewery and Eulogy are also right there on Chestnut.

    All of these places you can get out of there for under 30 a person, And a lot less at several of them.

    1. You can call La Locanda del Ghiattone at 3rd and Cherry and see if they can take you. BYOB, cash only. Pretty close. Very reasonable. Pastas and entrees in the teens, generous portions. You can share an appetizer.

      1. Race cafe is reasonably priced..nice fireplaces...

        1. the pagoda noodle house! it's just a couple blocks away. walk south on 2nd, and just after chestnut / before walnut there is a left turn into the sansom walkway with the ritz east movie theatre, it's in there. awesome, well-prepared CHEAP asian food. my staples are the indonesian tofu soup, singapore noodles, fried bananas.

          also, i usually just drink at the society hill hotel (3rd and chestnut, i think?) - it's a really great bar, especially compared with the area's other offerings. but this last time i was famished and had a tomato bisque which was tasty and rich, perfect on that cold cold night.

          eulogy is great as mentioned, as is la locanda del ghiottone. i think that about lists my favorites within a short walk.

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            I have had good cheap eats at Society Hill Hotel (yes, 3rd and Chestnut. Go there before Ralphs and Nick's please! It is comparably priced and much better in both atmosphere and food quality

            1. re: Bigley9

              did we mention that the service there is AMAzing? i love the bartender with the ?scottish? accent; he's just a guy who loves his job, you can tell. i'm going to get an entire sit-down meal there one day, i swear!

              OP: let us know where you end up going and how it is! :) enjoy!

          2. Wow, I am so happy and surprised to see so many places. I am going to give the group a few choices to see what they are in the mood to eat.

            Thanks Much!