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Mar 1, 2008 07:32 AM

6 people in Miami

I'm in Miami staying on South Beach with a group of 6. Looking for a great dinner suggestion, but no where that is overly expensive. Would prefer to eat somewhere with a Miami vibe - not somewhere that is trying to mimic a New York restaurant

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  1. Here are some similar posts with several suggestions. The first one has links to several other threads. The second is a relatively current discussion of a similar request. Would help if you defined what "overly expensive" means.

    Many of the newer places on South Beach (Kobe Club, Maison d'Azur) are spin-offs of NY places. Joley in the Astor Hotel has gotten some good initial reports, as has Smoking Rabbit (a "gastro-pub" style place). Not sure how "Miami" either of these are.

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      You could eat on the water at the Lido restaurant at The Standard. They have something for everyone and the view is beautiful.