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Mar 1, 2008 07:10 AM

Kyubey of HK - best sushi ?

Had a wonderful dinner at Ginza Kyubey of Japan, love the food there. Do anyone have a chance to try its new branch 鮨久 in HK Central ? The omakase is priced at $4800 HKD with 3 glasses of wine.

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  1. Hmmm...dunno this one. A branch of Kyubey in HK, you said? Gotta try that...used to go to Imamura in Causeway Bay for my sushi.

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      That's what I want to find out more. 今田洋輔, the owner and head sushi chef of Kyubey was invited to be the sushi chef of the "$10000 HKD omakase" during the grand opening of the restaurant ... the details are in the following links.

      Hopefully you can read chinese.

    2. Is it really it's branch in HK? I thought it is a HK restaurant but they invited the owner of Kyubei to help with the opening.

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        今田洋輔, the owner and head sushi chef of Kyubey oversees the sushi production of 鮨久, according to U magazine of HK. The omakase is also called "Kyubey Omakase", so I suppose its sushi is comparable ?

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          It seem that Kyubey is really well known in Hong Kong. I mean I read a few blogs by serious foodies from Hong Kong and Kyueby seems to be the unanimous choice that they go to in Tokyo. No wonder the boss brought the franchise to Hong Kong itself. But at HK$10,000 per head, they sure know how to overcharge Hong kong tycoons. I am also told by another source that they will open a branch in Jakarta as well.

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            Maybe I should give it a try. Sushi is my wife's fav food and we have been to most of the good sushi place in town except this one.

            The HK$10k is only the first couple of opening nights. What makes it expensive is not just the fish but also the wine that went with it.

      2. the only unfortunate thing is that it's inside a sketchy nightclub opened by a fengshui master...

        1. OK I finally made it to 鮨久 this week. It is affiliated with Kyubey via the following: 1) each Friday Kyubey sends a shipment of seafood from Tokyo, 2) Kyubey has dictated a set menu called Kyubey Set to be accompanied by wine/sake.

          Seafood is fresh and there are many things on the menu not seen elsewhere in HK. Restaurant has some of the most sought-after limited production sakes from the likes of Kikuhime 菊姫 but prices are stratospheric.

          The regular omakase is $1500 which is in-line with other places. I prefer the sashimi as I don't like how the nigiri tends to fall apart. Despite his age I have some doubts about the skills of the chef...

          My review:

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            Still haven't had a chance to try Qube but $1500 seems to be more than what other places charge. Kenjo and Imamura are usually around 800 to 1000. I do wonder if it deserves that premium.

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              There is supposedly a sushi restaurant in Tsim Sa Tsui, that occupies four stories of a building. The sushi chef at the top? floor used to serve some high ranking Japanese officials. What is the name of this restaurant? It was featured on a TV program hosted by Yeung Lai Mui a while back.