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Feb 22, 2002 07:22 PM

Steak Frites - Still Searching

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Sorry for the repost, but I'm looking for more input.

I posted a week or so ago looking for places that have great brasserie-style steak frites. I got two answers: Michael's in Santa Monica, and Campanile.

Any more options? Hoping for something on the west side, but anywhere in L.A. will do.

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  1. LAte night bar menu at Lucques (after ten pm). Best steak frites I've had in LA. Good as anywhere really.

    1. We gave you 2 suggestions and we have not seen any reviews of either place. Why continue to suggest places if you are not going to try them. Michael's IS on the Westside. Send reviews and I will send more suggestions. Thanks

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        1. re: Scott

          Can't we all just get along?
          And I concur with the Le Petit Bistro recommendation. There is also one on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. Not too far from the place that, I think, has the best frites in town - Le Mistral (Sherman Oaks, NOT the one in Beverly Hills).

        2. re: Just Larry
          Breezy in S.M.

          Wow. A certified ChowJerk.

          1. re: Breezy in S.M.

            Justified, I think. HAVE you tried any of the suggested places????

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              Wow. A certified ChowJerk.

              What did I miss. I recommend a place, you don't try it, I ask for you to try it and I am a jerk. OK.

          2. I wrote recently that Soleil on Westwood had an all-you-can eat moules frites special on wednesdays. I imagine they may have a decent Steak frites. I don't usually go for what I remember in France was Steak frites, a grisly tranch of steak cooked au point, or a bit past bleu, with frites. Most places it was quite ordinary and I never developed a love for it.

            BUT I suggest it as someplace that might have something passable. Soleil is on Westwood between Wilshire and Santa Monica. I'm sure they're listed.
            Good luck.

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            1. re: Jerome

              I'm with you, Jerome. The actual steak frites a la Parisenne is something of a myth and I'm not surprised, according to the poster above, that they were better at Le PEtit Zinc than in Paris. The best steaks of any sort I have ever had in my life anywhere have been in Tuscany--bistecca a la fiorentina--from the famous Chiannina beef, thick and chewy like the best Porterhouse or T-bone. Those I crave, although now in the post Mad Cow world there is a problem.

              1. re: roger simon

                It was Zoe and companion who had the lousy steak in Paris last summer and I mean LOUSY - plus we asked to order some vegetables and the waiter said, it served with potatoes, that's a vegetable. I thought I would be afflicted with scurvy before I left the European shores because of lack of veg. Best meal we had was at a little B&B/tiny hotel on the shores of a lake in Western Brittany (is that the province or Britney Spears, it is early Sunday morning) - Madame Andre made crawfish with fresh mayo, lamb curry and a super tarte tartin. In the morning she walked to the bakery to get fresh croissants -- now if only the mattress comfort was up to the food, I'd move in.

                1. re: Zoe

                  I imagine you didn't go to Italy if you were so veg starved as Italy is the world's capital of great veggies as far as I'm concerned. Long live cavallo nero!

            2. Went to Le Petit Zinc last Sunday night for their steak frites. I like this place for their food, atmosphere (decor, really bistro like) and the edgy host Angel who excudes the Patron personality of warmth to customers and irritation at something or other that is happening. Feels Parisian to me anyhow. But back to the food: had a really good quality entrecote, rare and a mound of very hot frites with a glass of champagne (so-so). My partner had calves liver, also pronunced delicious, onion soup and a fancy salad (one above the house salad). The bill was just over $50. Good service, comfy chairs and you can have a conversation because the acccoustics are right. Better steak than I had in Paris last summer.

              1. Best steak frites I ever had in LA was room service at the Mondrian. Pretty good version at Twentyfour Hours at The Standard.