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Mar 1, 2008 06:30 AM

MSP-Authentic Mexican

There are some great mexican places on Lake street like Los Ocampos and the places in the midtown market. I thought I would throw out a great little place in the western suburbs. My Love in Chaska. For those of you not familiar with chaska it is home to a large mexican population due to the Gedney pickle factory employing many mexican imigrants. My Love is a little hole in the wall located in a strip Mall but the food is excellent. The dishes are simple but authentic. I am heading off right now to have their spicy Menudo soup and some cilantro loaded tacos. Check it out and don't forget to walk down to the end of the strip mall to the Mexican Pastry shop and pick up some goodies.

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  1. Thanks, dave for these great tips on places outside of the Cities proper. As a resident of Minneapolis, I'm lost when it comes to finding great chow when I head out of the core.

    Can I ask one favor though? Could you be more specific in your titles? For instance, when I read this, I thought it was going to be an inquiry for authentic Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities area, rather than a recommendation for a specific restaurant. Perhaps if you put the specific city or restaurant name in the title, people will be able to see what the thread refers to. E.g., "MSP - Chaska My Love Restaurant - Authentic Mexican" or "Authentic Mexican restaurant in Chaska, MN."

    Thanks a lot and keep the great recommendations coming!


    Chaska My Love Restaurant
    127 W 4th St, Chaska, MN 55318

    1. I would recommend El Meson on 34th Av and Hennepin in South Minneapolis, near Uptown.