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Feb 22, 2002 07:10 PM

ANY good Dim Sum places besides downtown?

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Are there ANY decent places to get dim sum besides downtown and, of course, San Gabriel Valley? My coworkers and I work in Hollywood and sometimes have the craving but don't have time to venture more than a few miles. Thanks!

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  1. Yeah, I like Royal Star on Wilshire and Stanford in Santa Monica. In fact, I like it better than Empress Pavilion in Chinatown, which a lot of people claim is the best in LA, although the variety is perhaps not quite as wide. Go on a weekend and get the har gow, sticky rice, baked bao, slimy noodle, fried seaweed & shrimp roll, chicken feet and fried lotus seed balls. The fried calamari and Chinese broccoli are good non-dim sum dishes, too.

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      Thanks for your suggestions. I was thinking somewhere in the Hollywood, West Hollywood or West LA area, though. Santa Monica is a bit of a drive for lunchtime.

    2. We live in the Hollywood hills and we usually go to the San Gabriel valley. One thing to check out is the Universal Hilton, which is Taiwanese owned and has an excellent Chinese kitchen, so good that many Chinese weddings and other events are held there. At one time the Mandarin Room at that hotel served very good, though not inexpensive dim sum. I'm not sure if they still have dim sum on the menu, though.

      1. I thought West LA might be too far for you.....

        VIP Seafood at Wilshire & Barrington (just west of the 405) is excellent. Many honorable mentions by hounds...