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Mar 1, 2008 06:02 AM

Best Pancakes or Waffles around Elmhurst?

Anywhere within a 15 minute drive would be fine too.

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  1. Alas, the waffle situation around Elmhurst is dire. Nothing to come close to the perfection of Amy Ruth's in Harlem or (the Prospect Heights) Tom's Restaurant. Not what you asked but in the same category, La Flor makes excellent french toast. Now if you absolutely have to have waffles I'm sure the diners on Queens Blvd make them as does The Grind coffeehouse in Sunnyside.
    Lastly, you can do as we do (i.e. when in Elmhurst do as the Elmhurstians do) and stop in Mama's Kitchen (or whatever it's called now) on Broadway and get some Chinese breakfast.

    1. Go to La Flor in Woodside and have their pancakes, very good.

      1. I'm always good for the belgian waffle at Jackson Hole.

        1. Stop Inn. Roosevelt & 61st St.

          1. The diners on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights offer them. Jackson House (82/83) has pretty good waffles (ask for them done the way you like them). I think that Jahn's (81-81) has waffles, but I can't resist the pancakes if I ever go for breakfast. They have pecan and chocolate chip pancakes. I know people who have become addicted to the chocolate chip. Good pancakes are hard to find in NYC, but these are definitely above average for the city. I think there's still an IHOP on Northern Blvd. in the 70s since you talk about driving. I haven't been there in years so I really know nothing about the quality, but they do speciailze in such things.

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              the IHOP is a real blast from the past, and does pretty good pancakes (and a not-too-shabby patty melt). just don't go on a weekend morning if you want to get out in under 90 minutes....the place is mighty popular.