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Mar 1, 2008 05:47 AM

Jitlada for lunch today

While I am an avid Thai food fan I do not have any experience eating southern Thai cuisine and I'm excited to be going to Jitlada for the first time today for lunch. I recall having once seen a post, perhaps by Das Ubergeek or Sauce Supreme, suggesting things to try. I have searched the board and can no longer find it. I love spicy food but don't want to order things so hot I cannot taste the food itself. Also, my boyfriend who is going with me seems to be somewhat apprehensive about the heat level but he is open to the experience. Can anyone offer some menu suggestions? I know I'm having the green mango salad, it just sounds amazing. I love curries, too. Thanks in advance for your help. Also, if anyone has the post where a menu was suggested I'd love to see it again

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    1. Here are four proposed Southern Thai-style menus for two-three diners:

      Menu 1

      a. kaeng khiaw-waan khai “Mang-kon” : green curry with egg-yolk-stuffed fish balls
      b. kai thawt khii-min : deep-fried turmeric-seasoned chicken (off-menu request)
      c. "coco mango salad" : shredded coconut and mango salad with cashew nuts
      d. tom yam kung : spicy and sour soup with shrimp and straw mushrooms

      Menu 2

      a. phat luuk taw “Meuang Khon” : stir-fried sator beans with shrimp, pork, and squid
      b. kaeng plaa duk bai cha-phluu, a spicy, turmeric-seasoned curry with catfish and wild tea leaves
      c. yam som muang "Pak Nang" : Amphoe Pak (Pha)nang-style papaya salad
      d. sup hang wua : mild, Southern Thai-style oxtail soup

      Menu 3

      a. neua phat kii-mao "songkhla" : spicy beef stir-fry with lemongrass,
      b. kaeng tay poh plaa chawn haeng : sweet/hot curry with dried mudfish and water spinach (sliced pork is another option)
      c. yam plaa duk fuu : fried, shredded catfish salad with chile
      d. tom kai baan tom khii-min : turmeric-seasoned soup with chicken and lime leaves

      Menu 4

      a. phak bung fai daeng : stir-fried water spinach with dried chile and yellow beans
      b. khua kling “Phat Lung” : spicy, tumeric-flavoured "dry" curry with pork or beef
      c. yam priaw dawng : pickled crab salad
      d. tom khem naw mái luuk taw : salty soup with turmeric, coconut milk, sator beans and shrimp

      I've (generally) laid the menus out in order of spiciness/heat, moving from lowest (Menu 1) to highest (Menu 4). I've also (generally) laid the menus out in terms of their "exotic-ness," moving from least (Menu 1) to most (Menu 4). At any rate, nothing will kill you, I promise. <smile>

      Bear in mind that each menu set involves one curry, one deep-fried or stir-fried dish, one soup, and one yam, or "salad" type dish. In the Thai manner, all of the dishes are served and eaten together. [Soup and salad elements are not "courses" in the Western sense!] I'd encourage you to graze at leisure, moving back and forth from crisp elements to softer ones, from "dry" ones to "wetter" ones, and from spicy elements to milder ones, repeating as necessary. Remember, all of the dishes are to be eaten with good amounts of white rice. That's the best way to mitigate the spice and richness of Southern Thai food. Enjoy.

      FWIW, I'll be there at noon for lunch/hanging out. I'll be happy to help you with any questions, etc.