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Mar 1, 2008 05:41 AM

A slight revision Advice please

Thanks for comments on the first cut of my list. We have had a slight change of plans as our dearest friends and their adult daughter will be joining us in Paris for 2 nights. We have an apartment in the 7th and thought it would be great if we could serve some wine and gougeres at our place ( they are staying in the 8th) and then walk to somewhere really memorable in the neighborhood on both Friday and Saturday nights. Again open palates and not euro shy. Here is where I am at:
Thursday : Au Petit Tonneau ( me alone)
Friday: 5 persons ? Au Bon Acceuil or open to any suggestions ( also thinking a cab ride to Dominique Bouchet wouldn't be half bad )
Saturday : 5 persons Vin sur Vin ( party of 5 ok there?)
Sunday: 2 persons Mon Veill Ami
Monday: 2 persons Au Bascou or A Beauvilliers ( havent seen anything on the board re these 2 )
Tuesday : 2 persons special nite ? Elysses or someplace that will compare favorably with our fabulous experience last year at Hiramatsu
Wednesday the dreaded trip home . Any thoughts re an afterdinner drink on Friday or Saturday would be welcomed...they are not very familiar with the City and we would like this to be special for them ( and us of course) Thanks as always

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  1. The "Anglo" table at Vin sur Vin can seat six. It's in the alcove to the left so you won't have to whisper.

    1. I personally prefer Le clos des Gourmets over Au Bon Accueil; what is Oakglen's opinion, he knows the area well?

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        I am with you Laidback. LCDG would be a one star if food were the only consideration. To keep prices low they scrimp a bit on service and other "bells & whistles" that Michelin seems to need before they award a precious star. For me, great food at a reasonable price can't be beat! And yes, we do love this part of the 7th.