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Mar 1, 2008 05:13 AM

New Italian Restaurant - JH's

A new Italian Restaurant opened at 40-39 82nd Street called Limoncello. It's around the corner from the Movie Theatre. I'm told the owner is a former employee of Armondo's. I was in the area Thursday at 12:30 and picked up a Soppressata Focaccia for $5.00 which I thought was a bargain. It wasn't. When I got home the bread was stale and inside were two slices of cheap deli type salami with a thin small slice of mozzarella and some soggy lettuce. I took one bite and threw it out. What made me think that I could get a quality Soppressata sandwich for $5.00. The menu is an Armondo menu & Armondo prices. They're serving sandwiches at lunch to attract employees from Elmhurst General Hospital. I live midway between Limoncello & Trieste. If I'm going to pay the prices that Limoncello charges, I'll dine at an authentic Italian restaurant like Trieste which is owned by Italians who serve quality Italian Cuisine.

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  1. now that's what i call a review -- the drama, the pathos.... :)

    seriously, your opening got me planning a walk down to 82nd street, but then the death blow...not that i am really surprised, though. as you said, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. thanks for the reminder to revisit trieste, though. it's been too long.

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      I got an eggplant panini that was also very greasy. The wait to get it was ridiculous. With 11:00 dollar lunch specials, not going to attract any employees who can go to Chickenfest and do much better.