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Mar 1, 2008 04:33 AM

Need one more moderate dinner for jazzfest week

NYC-hounder coming down for my first Jazzfest! And first time back to Nola in many years. We'll actually have four dinners and one lunch (as we are coming a couple days early for the first weekend.) We want to alternate expensive with more moderate---I should also add that we really want to focus on cajun/creole, hence why we are not considering more continental or fusion places like Stella! or August etc.

My list so far. I already have all the reservations except for the ??? Friday night

Couchon dinner Wed--moderate
Casamento's lunch Thur (Can't wait to get back there--my fave spot in Nola!)
Commander's Palace dinner thurs --expensive
Friday is the open dinner need something moderate
Brigsten's dinner Sat night -- expensive

So suggestion's for Friday? I was thinking maybe Dick and Jenny's but the no reservations thing concerns me a bit during Jazzfest...I know hubby doesn't deal well with waiting around a long time when he's hungry. Another thought was Jacque Imo's but same problem there with no res..also don't see much mention of this place on the boards anymore. Would be nice maybe to dine somewhere in the FQ as opposed to another cab ride, as well....


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  1. We seem to enjoy lunches more than dinners at Commander (could it be the 25 cent martinis?) Perhaps Irene's (call for resv.). If they have the crabcake special, it is excellent. To avoid a wait at D&J you'll have to get there 15 min. or so prior to opening. This may sound strange, there' s a pipe that runs down the side of the buiilding, if your spot in line falls behind it, you won't get in for the first seating. You can walk to Lola's on Esplanade from JF, change of clothing not necessary. Tables outisde, and a bottle of wine if there's a wait.

    1. How about Matt n Naddie's? Not in the quarter but not far from Jacques Imo's.

      1. Creole and moderate
        French Quarter:
        823 Decatur.

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          1. re: speyerer

            thanks all for the tips, I will follow up on these.

            I am still tempted to try for Dick and Jenny's, although it will not be possible to get there when it opens due to Jazzfest--probably wouldn't get there till after 8. Any thoughts how long the wait might be?

            Keep other suggestions coming!

            1. re: jinx

              If you show up at D&J after 8 on a JazzFest night, you probably will not get a table at all. Unfortunately at a certain point they just have to stop taking names.

              1. re: Blumie

                okay that's really good intel. Guess its off our list, and back to something in the Quarter. Next trip! Thanks!

                1. re: Blumie

                  But sometimes during Jazz Fest D&J will seat until midnight.

                  1. re: phyllisstein

                    That may be so (I have no first hand experience with that), but the waitlist may be closed by 8 (unfortunately I do have first hand experience with that!).

                    1. re: Blumie

                      okay, D&J's is definitely off the list. Still have this empty slot...!!! Maybe we'll just wing it, but during Jazzfest that may be risky..

                      1. re: jinx

                        Everybody I've talked to about dinners, etc. recommends that we spend a little time eating at the fest, so maybe you could do an early dinner of Fest food before the last band of the night. Just a thought...apparently the food is fantastic.

                        1. re: KateMW

                          oh yeah, we'll definitely be eating at the fest throughout the day...I hear the food is great...but I do want to save room for dining at some Nola restaurants as well!

                          1. re: jinx

                            It's funny...we're not doing any of our normal dinners, so we can fit in more music and eat Fest food. I was fine with that, until I came here to poke around. Now I want Bayona and August reservations! Have fun! This is my first real trip to Jazz Fest as well. Check out the forum at for tons of good info.

                            1. re: KateMW

                              It's always hard to fit in all of the eating one wants to do in New Orleans, and it's doubly hard at Fest. If making a reservation for dinner on a Fest night, consider not reserving before 9:00pm (or even later). That'll give you time to digest all the great food you're gonna eat at Fest, and get back to your hotel in time to rest up and shower before heading out.

                              1. re: Blumie

                                I really think we're going to skip all "nice" dinners this trip. We'll be back down in August for my birthday and our anniversary, so we can do all that then.