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Mar 1, 2008 04:15 AM

The Grocery tonight

Any dish recs?

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  1. I'll report myself. Dinner was outstanding. We closed the place after Macbeth at BAM. Individual lobster fennel pizza to start. Mrs. GG's duck confit squash green bean tempura risotto appetizer was unbelievable as was her pork ragout gnocchi entree. My roast duck main was amazing. The chocolate fig cake with coconut ice cream and passion fruit sorbet was off the hook and Mrs. GG's banana bread pudding with caramel and pine nuts was perfection. Service was also spectacular with both chefs coming out to talk.

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      My (now) wife and I had a fabulous meal at Grocery about 2 years ago. Amazing food, very friendly service and the chefs came out to talk to us as well. I don't understand why the place gets a bad rap on here -- with everyone going gaga over Saul. My experience at Saul was one of very small, very bland dishes at an exceptionally high price.

      I've been wanting to go back to Grocery ever since my visit, but I have never felt compelled to ty Saul again.

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        Thanks for reporting back. It's fairly rare that we get any feedback on Grocery these days and it reminds me that I need to make a return visit.

      2. I love the Grocery and am not at all surprised you had a wonderful dinner. My husband and I like to give gift certificates for the Grocery as x-mas presents and are always rewarded with the raves of the recipient. I saw your post looking for recs and chose not to partly because the menu changes often enough to keep one guessing, and partly because I always do my best (wherever i am)to go for whatever the "special" happens to be... I figure that's what the chef would suggest!

        1. Grocery is an interesting place because it gets bashed fairly often on the Hound (probably not deserved). I’m glad people are having good experiences with the food, we went last month and the food was very good, not spectacular, but still very good. The service, on the other hand, was bad – and I’m not that picky. It seems like they have seven people working a tiny room, but we had too wait forever to order dessert and then forever for the check and, you guessed it, a full ten minutes to get my credit card back. Now everyone can have an “off” night, but I was really disappointed that with so many servers that we had to wait so long. The table next to us had the same experience, we were laughing with the other couple about whether or not they would “let us go”. The chef did come out and greet the tables which was nice, I would return and hope for better service in the future…