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Mar 1, 2008 02:54 AM

Cooking classes in Bangkok? Must eats?

I'm going to be in Bangkok for a week in April and was thinking that it might be fun to do a day or two of cooking classes. I need a place that speaks English, and that is suitable for someone with no background in Asian cookery (although I am a pretty skilled cook).

Any places I absolutely HAVE to eat? Street food suggestions would be great, as would inexpensive seafood options.


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  1. Lek Seafood is a local favorite.
    It's located directly beaneath the Chong Nonsi skytrain platform.

    Don't know where you're staying, but you can check my maps for possible suggestions nearby:

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      Curt do you know if Lek Seafood is open all day long? I did find the restaurant when I was in Bangkok last month but I did not arrive until about 3pm... It looked as if they had stopped serving, but to be fair, I viewed the place only from the outside. It is very easy to find, thanks to your directions, and I have it on my list for a future visit.

      Do Bangkok restaurants usually take a mid-afternoon break?

      1. re: erica

        I have seen aproned ladies out front around lunch, but I have never eaten anytime other than dinner.
        It's not unusual for even street carts and stalls to close for a couple hours, mid-afternoon.

        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          My wife and I were in Bangkok in January and thanks to Curt's recommendation had a meal at Lek. It's worth making the trip for a good meal. We did, however, find that the first time we attempted to eat at Lek, around 2:00 p.m., that they were closed. We did make another trip around 4:45 p.m., and they had reopened for dinner service. I'm not quite sure when they close down, but they do close for a few hours in the afternoon.

          1. re: anothernotch

            Thank you! I have it on my list for next time. What did you eat?

    2. The evening time at China Town in Soi Texas is a good way to discover local Thai food. For authentic Thai food, try Taling Pling which has few branches but the best is at Pan Road, Silom area. Deva, by M.L Kwantip Devakula just opened with comtemporary Thai food that should not be missed and she also organize cooking class. You can write to her at

      1. the classic english-speaking place for thai cooking classes is blue elephant - perhaps so well known and cliched (but not bad) that no one bothered to post...

        bkk is packed with good street food/cheap eats. mbk food court (there are 2, not the fancy intl one) is great - try the braised pork knuckle on rice - it's typical street food that can be found almost everywhere, but mbk saves you from wandering the sois.

        1. Thank you to everyone who made recommendations! Cooking classes at the Blue Elephant were great, and the dinner at Lek was amazing! I can hardly wait for my next visit!

          1. I took a great cooking class in Bangkok from a woman named Mae Kay Dee (I can't find her on the internet, and I'm not sure that's how you'd anglicize the name, but that's how her name sounds). She runs a couple vegetarian restaurants. One of them is near Khao San (sorry) - if you walk up KS away from the river, then cross the street, there's a little side street to the left. Her restaurant is there and you can find info about the classes.

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            1. re: cscsman

              "One of them is near Khao San (sorry)"

              If you are apologizing for Khaosan, no need.
              There are actually some great eateries in the area
              Although overrun with backpackers, at least there is a taste of Thailand.