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Mar 1, 2008 12:29 AM

Manchester - Suggest somewhere near Piccadilly Station

Manchester is somewhere I haven't visited for many years and I will be totally out of my element. Next week I need to go up there, meet someone for lunch, and come straight back to London.

Could you suggest a smart European style restaurant, not too corporate, not too intimate. Thanks.

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  1. Umm... that area isn't great for restaurants. The simplest option is to walk out of the station and go right across the street to the restaurant at the Malmaison. Haven't eaten there in ages but it isn't bad. Oh - just remembered City Cafe at City Inn hotel is also nearby and people rave about the food there, though I have never been. If either of these is too corporate, you're a short and fairly direct walk from the Northern Quarter, where the ever reliable (and lots of personality) Market Restaurant does a wonderful lunch, but is only open Weds - Sat I think.

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      raving; thats me then. the market menu at the city inn is top quality at bottom prices. the a la carte can get a bit pricey but i think its well worth it.

      sorry if you are a veggie. they also have a garden menu.

      my boss went again last week and wasnt as impressed as my lovely wife and i have been.

      easily my favourite restaurant in manchester