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Feb 29, 2008 11:31 PM

Armadillo Willy's

I really think it's pretty decent, has anyone here tried it? The brisket and ribs that I tried were both good. The sauce is sort of nebulous but passable. I was pleasantly surprised really. What does everyone here think? I haven't seen too much discussion on this board in the many barbeque threads that have come up.

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  1. I posted a thread about it a while ago. I live close to the one that used to be in Orangevale. Now they are another rib place but I have not been.

    I liked them, a lot. Good food and the sides were really good. The specials were really good too, especially all you can eat on Mondays and the burgers.

    1. I love Willy's! The one in Foster City is my fave...they have more variety than the Flying Pig here in natomas...

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        Isn't there a ArmadilloWillies in natomas?

        1. re: bennyboy1

          It looks like Armadillo Willy's is a Bay Area chain with an Armadillo Willy's Flying Pig smaller restaurant in Natomas. I have not been to either, but the one in Natomas smells good when I drive by.