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Feb 29, 2008 09:36 PM

Dine Around Seattle

Anyone have any plans for going this year? I am going out with a friend on Tuesday and am having a hard time choosing - a lot of the menus look delish!

Right now I'm torn between Barking Frog and Mixtura, but maybe some of you have better suggestions?

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  1. For a nice night in Fremont - and a great restaurant - 35th st. bistro

    Campagne is always good - if you haven't tried - check it out

    Flying Fish - yummy (althought, it's been awhile since I've been there - but w/ the local sourcing - spot - how can you go wrong?)

    1. I have a desire to do Zoe, Nishino, SeraFina, and Campagne.
      I did the event last year and went to Cascadia.

      Are you aiming for the restaurants outside of Seattle?

      1. I ate at Barking Frog just last night, and it was GREAT! Delicious chicken in truffle cream sauce with perfectly-cooked baby spinach and potato gnudi. Mmm ... And the husband splurged on a bottle of '99 Col Solare, which kind of defeated the whole '$30' thing, but whaever :)