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Feb 29, 2008 05:37 PM

Zinc Closed?

went by there today and it was closed, I heard it was being bought by the Marriot. Any one know?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ah, a Barcelona in Stamford would be great. I had mixed experiences at Zinc. Went there for lunch and had a delicious meal -- a lovely salad with warm goat cheese and a vegetable cheese tart. Went there once for dinner and it was a disaster. Service was bad (and the place was empty). I ordered fish, but I *swear* that what I got was chicken. I haven't been back since.

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      1. re: lisette

        >>>Ah, a Barcelona in Stamford would be great.<<<

        Is that a wish, or is it based on something you heard? Hoping there is more to it than "gee, wouldn't it be great if..."!

        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          two threads going on same topic.

          jfood understands from a very reliable source that it is true, not speculation.

          1. re: jfood

            That would be a nice addition.

            Thx, jfood!

            1. re: jfood

              I didn't see the other thread, but I am also very happy to hear that! I had 2 terrible experiences at Zinc (gave it another shot after the first try - my mistake) and am not sad to see it go. Barcelona is one of my favorites. Usually go to the SoNo location, but frequently go to Greenwich as well. Having one in walking distance will be wonderful (though probably not so wonderful for my wallet....)

              1. re: gillyweed

                I now know for a fact that the Mariot did buy the Zinc location, but was going to sell it off. Barcalona would be nice.

        2. Rumors seem to fly, I've heard the entire block is sold to FD Rich and all the buildings will be demolished...this means the end of Il Falco if this is true. I also heard that Hacienda is closed.

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          1. re: PaulaT

            I would not mourn the passing of Il Falco. I never understood its allure. No atmosphere, poor lighting, mediocre food. I was dragged there on a few business dinners despite my attempts to gently guide the hosts in more food-friendly directions.

            1. re: wookiedoodle

              Agree about il Falco's tired ambience, but their classical Italian preparation and ingredients are a way above mediocre, to my palate anyways.

              A commercial realtor has confirmed that Barcelona is going into the Zinc space .. a definite upgrade.

              La Hacienda . As of five minutes ago, when they normally should be setting up for lunch, the place was dark and the front entrance padlocked. If dead, a definite upgrade.

              What with the sale of Ocean 211, is Summer Street restaurant row in decline or transition?

              1. re: louuuuu

                barcelona would be a wonderful addition!!!!! im so excited

            2. re: PaulaT

              >>>I also heard that Hacienda is closed.<<<

              That's a coffin that should have been nailed shut years ago!

            3. Here's a Stamford Advocate article from last week on the subject:


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              1. re: AndreaB

                Andrea, what was the title of the article so I can find it on the site? The link takes me to the home page.

              2. Uh....Is anyone else a little tired of the development going on in town? I, for one, am. However - to be fair, I'm sitting in the midst of South End hell which may impact my opinion greatly.

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                1. re: amanda3571

                  ill never tire of it- these new projects are finally going to give stamford the boost it needs

                  1. re: amanda3571

                    I agree, to an extent - while these projects are great for the city, how many high-priced condos does Stamford need? Yes, I understand RBS is coming to town, but really - how many people are going to shell out over $1MM for a Highgrove condo?

                    1. re: AndreaB

                      Back to the topic of food. With all of these home properties will come good food properties. And since jfood only visits this neighborhood for good eats, the more choices he has at the high end the better.

                      When jfood moved to FFD county 12 years ago La Hacienda was "The Place" now no one is mourning its departure. Now you can walk down the street and eat from the best to a good burger and beer. Life is good on lower Summer St.

                      1. re: jfood

                        I have to disagree with all of you regarding La Hacienda. It was the only restaurant downtown you could take children too, for a reasonable price, with good food and atmosphere. You also felt good for supporting a local institution. Now Stamford families are forced into the chains, or pay up. I will also miss Zinc, for the same reasons. Were either of these places Jean Georges? Of course not, but they were charming nonetheless, and allowed families to go out without spending a fortune.

                        1. re: RIceman1974


                          There are pleanty of non-chains in that neighborhood (Summer & Bedford) that serve reasonably priced food with the same quality as Hacienda. Try some of them out.

                          1. re: jfood

                            ... like Pizza Bistro on Broad. Family friendly, good value,nable prices, tasty chow Itliano, and warm atmosphere.

                      2. re: AndreaB

                        I agree it's giving the city a much needed boost, and if I didn't have to deal with it every day I probably wouldn't be so irritated. And this city is certainly going to be an amazing place to live in about 10 years -- hopefully with a lot of amazing restaurants. I also agree, the high priced condos are over the top out of control. Enough. Seriously.

                        But just to comment on the original part of this post - Barcelona will be nice to have in town. I am still curious what is going into (if anything?) 211 & DL. It seems a little sad to me that "retaurant row" is dwindling down just over the span of several weeks. (yes, I know Hacienda & the buffet needed to go).

                        1. re: amanda3571


                          That little "T" has some amazing places. Jfood is concerned as well on what will replace. There are a few "10"s on the street and jfood is a little concerned that Duo will not make it, even though the food is great. The question that jfood struggles with is the longevity of the supply of diners to these places. If one goes to their favorite once every 2 months then for the other 59 days that resto needs a heck of a lot of traffic to fill the tables. And at $30 entree prices and the recession we are in how will people cut back. No more $30+, go to $20+ resto's. Will there be enough traffic to support the places until the RBS/condo people move in. A bit troubling. And add to that the new mega restos at the mall. The econometrics of this area have lots of moving parts.

                          Losing 211/Dunn (do you believe jfood's local paper did a restaurant review of Dunn's last Thursday? how does a critic who does not know the place is closing have any credibility) is a bit of a concern for the food, but helps in the number of high-end seats that need to be filled through the economic downturn. Losing Hacienda and Buffet no biggie, and quite frankly didn;t even notice they were still there.

                          Who knows, maybe Hacienda/Buffet is just proof of Survival of the Fittest Theory. Summer approaches and there are plenty of new places to try and old ones to enjoy.

                          1. re: jfood

                            Jfood - I too am concerned about Duo. I hope they survive as you know my love for them. Good people & great food there.

                            I agree that there's not enough traffic to support the restos. Stamford's been on a spree the last couple years opening restaurants left & right. There is something for everyone. And yes, with the big R looming over all of our heads - people are going out less & less. The issue with all the real estate being built though is these condos aren't going up anytime soon. So what happens to restaurants X, Y, & Z while over the next 5-10 years all these fancy condos are being built? Most restaurants fail in the first year. Proven fact. And these condos aren't coming cheap either. Price tags of $700K - $2M+? Houses is Shippan sell for $2M. Stamford has tagged itself as "The City That Works"....not the "City that Commutes to Manhattan". I understand that Stamford is trying to improve, but it all comes with a hefty price tag -- for everyone. Lucky for us, we have a lot of Mom & Pop's who have survived many many years. I can only hope they survive the massive transformation that's happening. And please be clear, this is happening through out the entire city - not just the immediate downtown area.

                            1. re: amanda3571


                              You stated it more eloquently. jfood's point as well was can these places make it until the newbies move in. In two years, you and jfood will be discussing many new restos in the neighborhood and lamenting on some that are no longer there.

                              Fortunately for jfood he is north of the merritt for both work and home (except on an airplane) and only needs to go downtown for fun, shopping and incidentals. And SONO is giving that stretch a huuuuge run for the money. And talk about turnover, ouch.

                              Will Barcelona (hope it does open) challenge our favorites for those saturday night dollars, for those people going from the $35 entree places to the $22 to save some money, yes. But it is a totally different experience than a Duo or Market or high-end ABCD.

                              But it is sure a lot better than 12 years ago and will be different 12 years from now.

                              1. re: jfood

                                Perhaps emphatically, but certainly NOT more eloquently...

                                And yes, this city has come a long way. I would just hate to see it homogenized with all the developing. One of the things I have always loved was the diversity.

                                I think I best stop running my mouth for on a completely different note, have you had a chance to try Market yet? If so, your thoughts?

                                1. re: amanda3571

                                  Hi Folks:

                                  Yes - please do keep the discussion focused on places that exist in the here and now! We understand that it is fun to speculate about what might open, and what you'd like to see open, as well as the direction your community is taking, but Chowhound's focus is on where to find great chow now. If anyone has anything more concrete to add about the situation, please do, but otherwise, let's get back to talking about existing chow!

                                  Thank you.

                                  1. re: jfood

                                    Went to Market a few weeks ago. I'm not rushing back.

                            2. re: amanda3571

                              okay so the "just a rumor" is a fact...then is the block coming down? and if so how is Barcelona going in????? I would love to see better restaurants on that side of the street.

                              1. re: PaulaT

                                According to the article, demolition is years away.