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Feb 29, 2008 05:22 PM

Food Anthropology Studies Programs

I'm a big food nerd and realized I know little about Food Anthropology as an academic discipline. Is anyone familiar with this area of study or have heard about which universities offer the best programs, both in the US and abroad?


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  1. Hi Waxyjax,

    I'm not familiar with any specific programs - my recommendation would be to look up professors by books they've written and you've enjoyed. Once you know which universities they're at, you can begin looking at their programs. Good luck - and please report back, I'd be interested in hearing more about the different programs.

    1. I too am a food nerd and i fantisize about quitting my job to be a grad student in food anthropology...Have you looked at the NYU's food studies program? Cornell, which used to have one of the US's premier Home Economics department does have some sort of program as does a university (whose name i do not recall) Bologna Italy where you can obtain a MS in Gastronomy.....

      1. ok, i'll do some more digging and let you all know.

        i knew people who did the food studies program at nyu--but their focus was more one nutrition. the program offers a concentration in food culture. good thing i live in new york--perhaps i can try and drop in on some lectures!

        1. Boston University offers a masters in gastronomy. I believe Jacque Pepin is associated with it and may have started it with the help of Julia herself. I think it's part of their 'Metropolitan College"

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            1. You can put me in the loop as well. I'm a long-practicing agricultural anthropologist working on--among others--food systems, crop biofortification, traditional knowledge and practice, local food system responses to globalization and to climate change, and the like. When I work in the field, I talk a lot to everyone who cooks, take photos, eat, learn techniques, and generally have so much fun that nothing is ever really work.

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                Sam - can I email you with some questions? I tried the address on your profile and it bounced back.

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                  Sadly, Sam Fujisaka passed away earlier this year. See the Site Talk board for a long thread about his passing.