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Feb 29, 2008 04:12 PM

Farmington, NM

Any recommended eating places? Any type of food, but curious about NM-style Mexican.

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  1. Let me preface by saying that Farmington is not a haven of good eateries...
    I would try Three Rivers Brewery on Main St. Very popular with locals...the owner does a great job with homebrews and the menu is extensive and pretty good. A New Mexican institution is Blakes Lotaburger which is a small NM only hamburger chain and Farmington has one as does Bloomfield nearby...get the green chile cheese lotaburger with double meat. Nothing purely NM-style comes to mind, but you might find a decent Mexican meal at Tequilaz on Broadway. For better Mexican food go SE 100 miles to Cuba and eat at El Brunos. Wanna try some REAL NM food? Come on over to Albuquerque, Espanola and Santa Fe.

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      Closest good food is across the state line in Durango, CO -- about 42 miles. There have been several threads about Durango. Do a search and you'lll find recommendations.

      In Durango, locals go to Gazpacho for Mexican-ish food. College kids go to Cocina Linda. Visitors tend to go to Francisco's or Tequilla's on Main Street. There are also a couple of taqerias that I haven't been to. Nothing that I know of is as purely and specifically New Mexican as you can find in Santa Fe, Taos or Albuquerque.

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        El Charro on S. Main across from the old Safeway is excellent. Try the "El Charo" special and substitue a chicken enchilada for one of the cheese enchiladas. Also enjoy a chili relleno on the side. Their salsa is outstanding.

      2. Thanks for the replies. I was in Farmington last fall, might be returning. I did hit the Three Rivers, remember the ale better than the food. Also some Mexican-style place attached to a hotel (Tequilaz? Not notably different from what you find in LA.). Charro sounds interesting, as I love a good chile relleno. My route (LA to Flagstaff to Tuba City to Ship Rock to Farmington) took me away from the population centers in NM, so I guess I'd have to change my itinerary to explore the real local cuisine.

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          If I was the adventurous sort, I would stop by the Navajo reservation diners and grab me some fry bread and mutton stew. Now if you aren't like that I am sure some Navajo tacos would hit the spot. Gallup, Tuba City and Shiprock are possible hidden gems. I have eaten along the way a few times but cannot remember any names. It has been awhile though. I lived in Durango for 30 years and I ve only eaten in Farmington a few times. Lotaburger and the flea market where they had little old navajo ladies making fry bread and tacos in the booth..brings back the memories. I guess I do miss it a bit.

        2. Actually Farmington is a great town for lunch. Try Something Special Bakery & Tea Room on North Auburn. Housed in a small cottage with an outdoor dining porch, the restaurant serves a different special every day. Downtown Andrea Kristina Bookstore and Kafe is another possibility. Sandwiches are named after great authors, and their Jane Austen Waldorf Tuna rocks. For dinner, you have Three Rivers or for New Mexican chow, try Los Hermanitos on East Main or their new location on West Main.

          1. For New Mexican I agree with primebeef El Charo is usually excellent, lately i've been going to Franciscas on Butler in the old Mesa Mall, Los Rios is where I go to get a Red Chile fix. I also recommend Wonderful Hose in Aztec for Chinese, Boons Thai in Farm and in Aztec and The Bluffs for Steaks and Cabernet.

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            1. We visited my hometown last October and ate at several places. All were good, some were great. When we last lived in Farmington, we ate at Furr's Cafeteria once or twice every week. It is still very good. They always serve fried okra and sometimes also offer okra and tomatoes. Our lunch at Three Rivers Eatery and Brew House was also very good. Si Senor advertises that they feature the finest Mexican food in New Mexico. I don't know that I would go that far - but my green chile cheeseburger ($7.95) was a good choice. Our friend had a large bowl of posole ($6.95), which is what she always orders at Si Senor. My wife's taco salad ($7.95) was up to her standards. Si Senor is a very popular restaurant. The exciting new discovery was C & J's Hamburger Cafe, 2411 E 20th St. Their green chile cheeseburger was the best I have had in some time. It seems that they serve little else, even though the menu has considerable other options. Bernie Sandoval was a good friend forty years ago, but I had not eaten at Chef Bernie's in at least thirty years. My enchilada plate was inexpensive and quite good. The sopaipillas made the meal for me. They were the best I have had in a long long time.

              Some of the suggestions already made are for very good restaurants, but they aren't serving what I would call roadfood. These on my list are true roadfood type places. Farmington is not a culinary wasteland, but like most places - it takes a bit of searching to find the best food.

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                Tequilaz was awful! Big mess on a plate place, dirty floors, indifferent service. Will have to try C&J's, because nothing beats a green chile cheeseburger!

                Furr's Cafeteria sounds like a good quick option with kids.

                Chef Bernie's is intriguing. I'll put that on the to-dine list too.