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Feb 29, 2008 04:00 PM

Birthday in Aix en Provence

My son is living in Aix for a year and we are visiting him in April for his 21st birthday. Can anyone suggest a special resturant for this special occasion? Thanks in advance


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  1. i was in aix in 2004 and we had a special dinner at le clos de violette. It was amazing, pricey but defintiely worth it, I also think that this is a michelin starred resto. Right beside is is Villa Gallici, we were guests in the hotel and they also have a very homey and excellent restaurant, not quite in the league of clos de violette though.

    1. I was going to say Clos de la Violette is a very special place, but its been a looong time, and now there may be something newer and more fashionable there.

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        We were in Aix about a year ago and ate at Clos de la Violette which still the best in town. It is a one star, however not that expensive - very good food, an sleek modern room, excellent service and a nice garden (which would be beautiful for a long lunch as the weather in April could be very nice but may be chilly for dinner).

        We also tried some other restaurants on our hotels recommendation but no others were memorable - in fact I would be hard pressed to tell you the names

      2. Thanks everyone for the great responses.