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Feb 29, 2008 03:43 PM

Interactive Meal to Make with SO

If were going to make dinner with your SO what would you make? Ideally, the dish(s) will not be to time consumming nor to difficult. We can both cook, and we like to play with our food and feed each other. Nothing is off limits.

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  1. I would tend towards either a hot pot or a table top grill sort of thing. Lots of variety of meats, vegetable, wrappers (rice paper, mini tortillas, sticky rice, lettuces, daikon, etc) and a nice quartet of dipping sauces. You pick up, you hot pot or grill, you assemble cool packages and you share. Champagne goes well. Dessert if needed can be a fondue type of dip with fruit and biscotti.

    1. I would do a winter green salad with some nice EVOO and Balsamic then some stemmed king Crab with melted butter. If you still need something sweet what about A nice fruity sorbet

      1. Do a small version of a chef's challenge. Go to a market, each with $10, and have 20 minutes to pick out ingredients under budget. You then use these to each cook a dish for each other at the same time. It's a bit of a competition but your goal is top please each other.

        1. Make sushi together. Put out all the ingredients and take turns rolling a new invention for each other.

          1. making soft tacos together is something fun to do together- esp getting all the veggies n stuff prepped then making whatever combintions you both want... i also like making lasagna together...