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Feb 29, 2008 02:59 PM

Help me with a new ham salad recipe

I have some leftover spiral sliced ham, that was not glazed. I also have some delicious Danish Havarti with dill, that seems like it would work with the ham. I would like to make a ham salad that is not the norm with these ingredients. Somewhere on this board, I think, I saw a recipe for a ham salad with cream cheese, but can't find it. So, what I have on hand are the ham, havarti dill cheese, zesty garlic dill pickles, sweet relish, dill relish, mayo, cream cheese, celery, olives (both pimento and black), sharp cheddar cheese and swiss cheese. I am looking to make a ham salad that I can spread on crackers, not for bread, or maybe it is :-). Any suggestions?

BTW, KarlS, the oven bag method for making the ham was FANTASTIC! Thanks.

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  1. I have a Ham Spread that we use on crackers.
    8 oz. Cream Cheese
    1/4 c. real Mayo
    2 c. ground ham
    1 T. parsley
    1 t. onion, finely chopped
    1/4 t. dry mustard Stir together.
    Hope this helps.

    1. The Kuntz/Owen Standard Recipe for ham salad is basically ham, minced onion, minced dill pickle OR pickle relish (divergent opinions, dill vs. sweet), some dry mustard, a dash of Worcestershire, and enough mayonnaise to bind it. Mom and Grandma used a meat grinder and just put the ham and onion through at the same time; I use the Cuisinart. To be perfectly honest, there's barely any difference between this recipe and the ones for tuna salad and salmon salad, except they call for celery as well. Anyway, it's all but impossible to make something unpalatable out of these ingredients OR the ones the you listed, so just suit yourself!

      1. One of my favorites from my mother's recipe file: coarsely grind the ham (in a meat grinder or food processor), add lots of freshly ground pepper, at least half a bottle of drained FRESH white horseradish and enough mayo to hold it together. You probably won't need salt. Serve with substantial crackers, such as Triscuits.