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Feb 29, 2008 02:33 PM

Sushi delivery in Sydney CBD?

All - I'm a transplanted Chicagoan, and I have yet to find affordable sushi delivery close to downtown Sydney. Any recommendations? I know about the delivery companies (Cuisine Courier, Moving Menus, etc), which charge a large markup on top of the jacked-up prices. Any advice would be good here.

Also, not just for sushi, but any recommended restaurants that delivery in the CBD area would be great. Thanks,


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  1. Delivery's not such a huge thing in Sydney as it is is the US. There are a ton of great sushi places in Sydney, especially at lunchtimes - try the Chifley Tower food court for cheap, fresh and delicious. Otherwise, in the evenings you'd be looking at individual Japanese restaurants, which are very numerous, but I don't know if many deliver.

    1. you might like to look at menulog

      but as said by arsyd delivery is not as huge a thing,
      azumi in chifley might do a delivery service but you will PAY for that

      1. There are lots of websites such as menulog, but you need to pay online.
        I recommend , they list places that offer delivery and you can view their menus. It's helped me out heaps of times.

        1. Try Zushi Restaurant in Darlinghurst. They deliver to the CBD for only a $5 delivery fee if you order at least $50 worth, which isn't hard to do. Pretty good quality sushi for the price.