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Feb 29, 2008 01:51 PM

Food in Middlebury Ct

I am going to be in Middlebury next month, and would appreciate recomendations for good, Chowish restaurants for all meals, and all prices.

Within 15 miles is fine.


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  1. Perrotti's Pizza on Store Rd I hear is very good and also I hear alot about Emmanuels on rte 64

    1. Not too far away -- maybe 10-15 minutes -- are two places I like:

      Good News Cafe
      John's Cafe

      Good News has received semi-mixed reviews here, but those who like it really, really like it. Include me in that group. Initially I was reluctant to like it because of the huge amount of press it and its owner, Carole Peck ("the Alice Waters of the East...") receive; but I found the food to be excellent. It stands up to the hype (and the prices), IMO. Recently, I enjoyed the Cuban cassoulet immensely. A while back, I had an awesome duck entree. The menu changes seasonally, so if you decide to go, I suggest checking the website to see what's available and how tasty it sounds.

      John's Cafe is across the street from Good News. I used to prefer John's as a quieter, low-profile alternative to Good News, but the last couple times we went it was quite loud and we felt packed in like sardines. So, my preference has wandered across Route 6 to Good News. The food was still very good at John's, don't get me wrong.

      1. The newly "re-opened" Junipers across from Perrotti's on the former Country Gate property is definitely worth a visit. Described as "Continental with an Italian flair", few restaurants could manage to deliver such a significantly large menu as theirs with such consistency. I most enjoy being able to mix things up with creative specials(interesting sourced ingredients, game offerings,etc.) while my SO can enjoy her old reliables/past favorites while we BOTH can delve into the thoughtfully conceived wine list. Selections in every price range, the wine list dwarfs what can be found in other supposed Wine Spectator Award winning restaurants whose lists are all too often painfully predictable & "distributor driven". I'm actually surprised there has been no mention on Chowhound since their opening(interesting article in Waterbury Republican American archives). It was worth the wait!

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          Recently ate at Carmen Anthony's seafood in Woodbury. Thought it was excellent. Jay

        2. In Waterbury, to quote: "LISBOA is exactly what I look for in an ethnic restaurant. Situated in an industrial neighborhood in Waterbury, it doesn't look like much from the outside: a nondescript one-story building near the railroad tracks. We came first for lunch on a Saturday, entering the dining room through the lively bar area where a party of locals were hanging out -- clearly the heart of the establishment. (The owner has since expanded the bar so that it is about double the size it was earlier this summer.)
          The dining room d├ęcor is plain and masculine, but manages to have a lot of class -- and comfortable chairs, too -- along with a distinctively European personality that makes you feel you've entered a foreign world." (203) 754-0789
          19 Lafayette Street
          Waterbury, CT 06708
          Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
          Lunch 11:30am - 3:00 pm
          Dinner 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm\

          Again, in Waterbury: Uncle Willy's BBQ. This chain is better than most, I think it somewhat resembles Southern Q. 1101 Huntingdon Ave., Waterbury, CT (203) 596-7677