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Feb 29, 2008 01:48 PM

Sunday Brunch in Monmouth County NJ

Looking for a place for Sunday Brunch with family in Monmouth County....Looking for a place with a view or at least some ambiance

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    1. re: bgut1

      Molly Pitcher!

      Everythig from pate to carving sations!

      1. re: AC Captain

        Funny: My first thought when I saw this was, "They have Pate at the Molly Pitcher Service Area on the NJ Turnpike?" (Sorry, it's early).

        1. re: cranrob

          That's too, too funny! lolol!

          1. re: Tay

            you really have to live in Jersey to appreciate that!

    2. I have a thread here about my recent brunch at David Burke's Fromagerie, but the cliff notes are:

      Mixed reviews on the food from bleh to good.
      Nice, albeit loud, one man entertainment.
      Very expensive.
      Overall not worth it.

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      1. re: seal

        ok thank you...we have to make this special it is for relatives who have come to celebrate my friends Daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

      2. I just read that The Mill in Spring Lake Hgts., although closed for regular dining, is still doing a Sunday Brunch. Also, Matisse on the Belmar Boardwalk. I have not been to either for brunch so these are just suggestions to check out.

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          1. re: lori529

            Stay away from Matisse. Although I've never tried the brunch, the dinner there was pretty bad.

              1. re: bgut1

                I have to disagree with you on Matisse, B. IMO it's one of the few restaurants in the area where the menu is consistently different and interesting. Never tried their brunch though.

                1. re: joonjoon

                  joon - As I noted, my one dinner there years ago was disappointing. I have never had any interest in returning as many subsequent reviews continued to evidence no improvement in food or service. I would therefore be interested in reading your review of a recent meal at Matisse.

          2. lori
            I'll have to second the esteemed bgut1. The Molly Pitcher Inn is perfect for the out of towner relatives. The setting is quite lovely. It overlooks the Navesink (sp?) River and the different seasons bring diferent activities. Right now, it's ice boating. Reservations are a must. Ask for a table overlooking the water. They do a very nice buffet brunch. The food is fine. The set up is a little narrow, so the whole plate-in-hand thing can be a little challenging for elderly people and youngsters. Just a note: This is not inexpensive, but perfect for a special occasion.:-} Here's their site:

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            1. re: Tay

              Indeed the view from Molly Pitcher is lovely. However, there is no ice-boating because we have not had enough freezing weather. We had ice-boating last year and it was wonderful to watch.

              1. re: val ann c

                val ann
                That's too bad. Although I have been there a couple of times since, last Feb we had such a great time watching the people ice skate and zoom around on those little boats. It's just such a tranquil scene At least from the comfort of the Inn ! :-}

            2. Although I know there have been some polarizing really should check out Avenue's brunch in Pier Village. The room and the view are really spectacular; a roaring fire (yeah, I know it's gas) in a room with 25 foot ceilings looking out over breaking waves. They offer a good combo of breakfast and lunch choices at very reasonable prices for the setting (about $9 to $18) The cocktails are a little pricey... I would recommend the crabcake benedict, the pancakes and the burgers. We have been twice in the past month; they handled our group of 15 ably on our first visit. The service can be a little spotty (I keep my eyes open), but we have fared well.

              The Molly Pitcher is very nice and I do like the woody men's club feel. I just think it's a little tired and I'm not a big fan of buffets... (Understatement alert- I think buffets are kinda disgusting- gesundheit)

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              1. re: mac827

                As far as the decor goes, I can understand that what I see as in keeping with the general theme/decor of the Inn you may think of as "a little tired."
                As for their buffet: Please don't lump this establishment in with the tired, picked over buffets found at numerous other restaurants
                The Molly Pitcher Inn 's buffet is about as far from "disgusting" as you can get.
                I thought the Avenue was nice for lunch,and the setting very nice but it's more or a bar/restaurant kind of place. I wouldn't recc it for a special occasion brunch but maybe the OP's definitions are not what I had thought from her postings. We thought the food was ok but referring to the service as "a little spotty" is being kind. I think both times our Servers were previewing the Happy Hour specials , :-}

                1. re: Tay

                  actually I am sorry I wouldn't use the avenue as one of my brunch picks I was thinking of a date place for myself...oops if I mislead anyone :)

                  1. re: lori529

                    lori... lol! I was wondering if I missed a posting...
                    I'm thinking: Molly Pitcher.Vs Avenue. Completely different vibe.

                    If you want a nice date/drink place, you might like the Salt Creek Grille. It's the east coast branch of a small Cali restaurant chain.
                    Before RGR and bgut1 pound me into the floor for this recc, I'll say up front, you're not going to be bowled over by the food, but when you're out on a date, especially if it's someone you don't know well, sometimes, the atmosphere can trump the food, :-}. It's got a nice, clubby lodge-like vibe and everyone' looks good in that lighting. Even sitting outside waiting for a table can be a nice place to talk (If there are not a lot of annoying kids milling around.) :-}


                    1. re: Tay

                      Don't worry Tay. RGR and I "tolerate" many opinions - especially ones different then ours. To make matters worse, on occasion we even disagree. Anyway - while I've never been to Salt Creek, people that I know have confirmed what you have noted - a very nice space with mediocre/decent at times food. I agree that in certain instances, the "vibe" can kick the overall experience up a notch. A prime example is the Highlawn Pavilion a number of years back before the food matched the view.

                      1. re: Tay

                        LOL! Tay, Hold than hammer! I've never been to Salt Creek either. As for bgut's statement regarding differing opinions, that's easy: I.A.W.B.! :-))

                        1. re: Tay

                          I haven't been to Salt Creek Grille in a couple years. I agree with your description. Even though the food is not impressive, I would consider taking certain people there for special occasions -- because it it such an attractive, comfortable place, inside and out. Especially if you can reserve a riverside window table at sunset.

                          1. re: val ann c

                            I thought for sure I was in for it, :-} I've been there a couple of times, just b/c we have friends who love it there. When I arrive, I always think that the grounds/decor lend themselves to a relaxing evening with friends or a date. The service has always been friendly and professional. We always have a good time and it seems those around us do as well. When I depart I always think it's too bad the food isn't better. They've opted for one of those, "All things to all people" kind of menu's and those never offer great food.

                    2. re: mac827

                      I agree on Buffets.. I had a Mother's Day Brunch at McLoone's Pier house for $50 per person and it was attrocious! The desserts were all bought, and if they werent, they had that Cheap Bakery feel and taste. The food was horrible. I ate Shrimp cocktail because the French Toast was rock hard and the waffles were soft. The whipped cream was all curdled and separated from sitting out a while. The view of the Ocean was great, but not worth the 50 bucks. Avenue in Long Branch is my next stop. A french Bistro style restaurant that cost 12million to build there on the water. Look at the website online.. the place is GORGEOUS!!

                      1. re: ChefBri30

                        Wow, not only that, you were ripped off! The brunch at the PierHouse is $29.95, not $50. I'd say you are due a serious refund! I've eaten brunch there and had better luck than you. Avenue's brunch is limited, just a few items a la carte.

                        1. re: hotfoodhot

                          While i've never been to either, ChefBri30 did use those two magic little words 'Mothers Day'. I'm sure that added a little to the check.

                          1. re: hotfoodhot

                            Yes hot food.. Larry is right. It was Mother's Day Brunch. A little more elaborate and definitely a way for them to stick it to ya just a little more... since you dont really mind spending the money on mom.